Friday, December 18, 2009

Today finished up the wrapping of gifts that I have bought. Some of our gifts were bought together as I have not been able to get out to shop very much. My husband is into gift cards so that is what a lot of our gifts are and that is what most of the girls wanted. Yesterday I made fudge and what an easy recipe it was. (Thinking about making some more) Gave some to the neighbor and she was back today and said it was gone. Tomorrow our one granddaughter arrives from S. Carolina to spend Xmas with her her Dad. She is fourteen. We will get the rest of gifts while she is here and are able to find out what she wants. So far all I have is a small gift card so need something more for her. It is very cold here so I am staying in out of the cold and wind. Tonight we are having an easy but tasty supper (spaghetii). I only have that at home when I can wear my bib as I always end up with it all over me. I have now used the electric wheel chair at the store twice and so far I have not hit anyone or knockned over any displays. Lucky Me. Well I am now on my way to read the paper so ,so long for now. lilly

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well here it is Wednesday again and I am up early,in fact it was really a sleeplesss night. It is 18 degrees here and we had a couple inches of snow last night. The snow is what puts me in the mood for Christmas. It is so pretty before it gets dirty. I only have to get some gift certificates amd then I am ready for the Christmas. My hands seem to be behaving badly this morning. Go to type one letter and the seem to want to do something different. I have finally decided on the dooke I will make. It is a no bake trufflle. It has mini chocolate chips in it and then you put it in the fridge to get firm and then you dip them is melted chocolate and back in the fridge to harden. Almost tastes like a cookie dough. All I know is the don't last very long. Well the man just got up so guess I will go talk with him for awhile. lilly

Monday, December 14, 2009

Well here it is Dec.14th and I am not ready for Christmas. We have been having so much company on weekends that what little cleaning I am capable of doing is not getting done. My furniture has a new finish that is called dust so I tell the grandchildren do not touch or you will have to clean it. This last Saturday our newest great grandaughter came to visit with her parents and one of her Aunts. Hailey Marie was born December 4,2009. So tiny and I actually held her most of the time they were here. Our weather has been very cold and rainy but very little snow. Today one of the daughters is coming to visit this morning and will be here for lunch. I am making turkey salad for sandwiches as that is one thing she really likes. Then when she leaves if the weather stays decent I might go finish my Christmas shopping. Our tree is up and the rest of the decorations are in place so at least I have that much done. Friday I baked cookies and they are all gone so will have to do that all over again. Maybe later this week that will happen. Well I have to get clothes ready to laundery so will leave for now. Have a great day . lilly

Sunday, December 6, 2009

I tried writing yesterday but kept getting kicked off so decided to wait until today and try again. We have had a busy week as one day I felt really good so we went to Ithaca, N.Y. Christmas shopping. That is the first time I have used the electric cart to shop. Quite an experiemce. Very helpful. That trip took place pn Thursday. Wednesday our daughter from Binghamton came up to see us and brought our new great grandson with her. For lunch Mr. Bob, her and my self made homemade pizza. Turned out really good. Then on Friday another great granddaughter was born. Her name is Hailey Marie. I sure hope this family growth ends soon as I can't keeep track of them all. It is only 28 degrees here this morning. Yesterday we decorated inside for Christmas. Then I decorated the outside of our apartment door as it is a fire dooe so all my magnets and decorations stuck to it with no probllem. Coffee is ready so guess I will go fill my cup and read the Sunday newspapaer. lilly

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today we are recovering from going into Aurburn for the annual Bank Supper. Mr. Bob had Scallops and I had Prime Rib. They passed around a Flat Green vegetable with almonds in which I let pass me by quite quickly. We also started supper with a lovely green salad, Italian bread,our dinner plates came with baked potato. Desert was served buffet style with many choices to choose from. They also gave each couple and envelope with money in it to buy either a soft drink or alcholic drink.We each had a seven up and I almost forgot they also had a table with appetizers. I guess no stone was left unturned. We certainly did enjoy ourself. In fact I had so much prime left we each had a half sandwich for our lunch today. We have had another beautiful day here with temperature reaching into the 50's. I am going to go fill my medicine tray for the coming week before supper so will write later in the week.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I hope eeveryone had a wonderful and meanful Thanksgiving. We spent the afternoon at one of the girls with her husband and mother-in-law and we all enjoyed a Thanksgiving Dinner in the early afternoon. We did leave early as it is hard for us to drive after dark. Of course we came home with enough food to last for the next two days. Now today is a definite down day. I am still doing double water pills and that doesn't seem to be helping very much, so I am enjoying my recliner hoping that keeping my legs and feet up will help the swelling but so far no luck.We both have so many things to be thankful for it would take forever to tell you about all of them. On Wednesday we received a video of our daughters wedding and that made me shed a tear or two. (Maybe three) Her son walked her down the aisle and her daughter stood up with her. Tim's daughter was her only bridesmaid. One of the men that Tim works with stood up with him. Everyone in the wedding party some shade of plum and made for a very attractive wedding. It is is a very dark, damp and dreary day here and not calling for much different weather for the next few days. I give myself another two weeks and then I will not be able to wait any longer to start decorating for Christmas. I don't do a lot but just enough to make it look like a holiday. Hope to hear from everyone soon and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. lilly

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Now that Tuesday is here we have to go to the store as on Monday all we done was recuperate from the birthday party Saturday. Not really as we done laundry and the usual Monday housework . This week being Thanksgiving we will be going to one of the daughters for dinner and all we have to do is take hot dish to pass . So much different than when everyone was coming home for the holidays. Looking at the pictures that Jan posted from the party I didn't realize how much my face was bloated from medicine. But I guess if I can breathe I will have to live with the chubby cheeks. The weather here is supposed to turn colder and maybe snow before the end of the week. Saturday night is the annual bank Christmas dinner. All retires are invited to any functions like that so we will be going to dinner Saturday evening. Today I am going to make bean soup as I have some broth left from the ham I cooked last week and a few pieces of ham that I will cut up in it. Have to remember to take the ham out of the freezer.Well the curling iron is ready so I had better get busy as my hair is very straight and frizzy. lilly

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today has been a busy day and I'm sure tomorrow will be a slow down day. Three of the girls were home for their Dad's Birthday and food and beverage was enjoyed by all. Yesterday I made candied pecans,one batch was just candied and the second one was made with just a hint of cinnamon. Also a chocolate cake was made but not frosted until today. That was done with a cream cheese frosting. Then this morning I made a black rasberry crumb cake. We also had cheese and crackers. Guess who forgot to put the sliced pepperoni out. (ME) Oh well I don't think anyone missed it. One of our granddaughters was also here with her two children so we really had a full apartment. The weather here has taken a turn for the cold but a least it is not raining. It is now time for me to gather my thoughts for tomorrow and go watch the news and then off to bed as it is allmost eleven PM. lilly

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Morning Everyone,
It is 50 degrees here now but when I got up it was very cold. The frost on the cars was very heavy. Thankfully I ddidn't have to go out early this morning. Yesterday I had a doctors appointment in Rochester so we were gone most of the day. After seeing the doctor we went to the Christmas Tree Store. It is hard to shop because I have to have someone push me in the wheel chair and that is not the easiest way to shop. We didn't have lunch until about 1:00 so we weren't to hungry at supper time. We both had a sandwich, cottagecheese and applesauce and we were happy senior citizens. Saturday some of the girls are coming home as Thursday is Mr. Bob's birthday. I am baking the cake and the girls are bringing food of somekind. I also have pepperoni and cheese so I will make a sanck tray of that with some crackers. I bought myself a new black and decker electric mixer with the dough hooks so I have to see what I can make with that. It's now time for morning meds so will sign off for now. lilly

Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is turning our to be a busy week. Our weekly trip to Auburn was Wednesdy. The doctors visit,Don't have to go back to that one for 1 year. My husband had to have blood drawn at another doctors office . Then we had had to pick up a new prescription at the medical center. Now it is time for lunch. Appleby's is offering a free meal to veterans so off we go ,only to find you can't even find a parking place so forget that we will buy our own lunch. At least we were together for that. Then it was off to Wegmans where there were offering Turkeys for 39 cents a pound with a $25.00 purchase. Thats not hard to do in today world. Then it was off to the oxygen supply place to get a new filter for my nebulizer. Now we are finally on our way home and its almost supper time,forget that as we aren't hungry. Our supper took place at eight o'clock last night and guess what,by the time dishes were done its almost time for bed. I fell asleep watching a cooking show and finally said good night. Today is wash the sheets and make the bed, go to the bank and have the new script filled and maybe get to relax for awhile. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. lilly

Friday, November 6, 2009

Good Morning Everyone.

It is now 7:18 and I guesss I am ready to start the day but I don"t anticipate anything unusual happening. Laundry is done for the week and today I think we might make a trip to the grocery store as the freezer in my refrigerator is mighty slim. Do have a little hamburger but thats about all. The weather has turned cold with a misty rain and supposed to turn to snow flurries. I almost think it is time to start making some soup. Bean sounds good with a little spinach thrown in. Now to much,just enough to give it some color.I just finished one doiliey and am ready to start another. I also would like to read a little while I"m making this next one as my fingers got awfully stiff making the last one without taking a reading break. This Saturday our daughter in Binghamton is getting married. Wish we could go but not possible at this time. They are having a friend make a video so they will send us a CD of the wedding. I'm headed to the kitchen to make my breakfast. Nothing fancy cereal with bluberries in it and some sliced banana that I will put on it. Have a great day. lilly

Monday, November 2, 2009

When I got up this norning at 7:00 it was so foggy I couldn't see across the street. Then the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. Of course now that the time has changed it is dark a 5:00 which makes for a long evening. Tonight at 8:00 the baseball game is on. If the Yankees win the series is over. If they lose it will go on for a couple of more games between the Yankees and Philidelphia. Right now my husband is making macroni and tuna salad. I guess that was a last minute insperaton as it is almost supper time now. The weather man is calling for snow flurries here on Wednesday and Thursday. Tomorrow being election day one of the girls has the day off so her and my husband are taking me for an early dinner someplace. Not sure if Kathy's husband is going or not. Guess maybe I should find something besides jeans to wear. I really do have other clothes.Well I guess I will go get the table ready for supper. May the next time I write we will have had SNOW!!!! lilly

Friday, October 30, 2009

On Tuesday evening I wrote quite a long message on my blog and something ate it. I can't find it and it was never published. Maybe it hs something to do with Halloween. Yesterday (Thursday) we decided to do our weekly errands, even though it ws misty and very warm and humid. We still had one more store to go to ,to finish my weekly shoppping but when I got in the car from going to the bank I told my husband please take me home. I was totally exhausted. Maybe today we can finish up if he is doing ok. November 7th my daughter in Bingham is getting married in a small church ceremony. I hust sent her a small check from us to help buy her wedding cake. We are not able to make the trip there so that is the best can do. Will be a sad day for me but guess I will get over it. It is raining here and quite chilly today so I guess I had better start looking for some warmer clothes for outside. Our flowers are all gone and the trees are mostly bare. It is really quite a difference from a couple of weeks ago. I am going to try to publish this post and if it disappears I might be very unhappy!!! HAPPU HALLOWEEN EVERYONE. LILLY

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The weather here has been fabulous for most of this week. I think it has been in the 70's for the last three days. After lunch today we are going to go for a ride. That will be nice as we might be able to see some colorful fall foliage. Tonight is the last night of the Yankee playoffs in California. When they play out there it is so late when the game is over I ususally go to bed and watch it in the bedroom. The new super WalMart store opened here last Wednesday and on Tuesday of this week my husband took me up there and it is really very nice. The asiles are wide and the lighting is very bright. Guess I had better go hang up some clothes that we do not like to put in the dryer. lilly

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a very tiring day as we spent most of it at the Vascular Doctors office in Rochester but the visit went well and I do not have to go back for several months unless something goes wrong with my artificial bypass. One of the girls came up from Binghamton and drove us so that was a big help. After the doctors visit we took her out for a late lunch. She wanted to go to Red Lobster so we all ordered something different and had a tasters choice. Very nice but a little pricey. Oh well doesn't happen very often. Now next month it is of to the plumonary clinic. That is always a very interesting visit. I really do like my doctor there and he is always helpful if I haven't been having good breathing days. This evening one of the girls I used to work with called and we're going to have lunch with her tomorrow. Sure do hope it is warmer than it has been today. I'll soon have to get my scarf out to cover my nose and mouth as I cannot breathe in that cold. Have been crocheting some and hope to get more done as the Holidays are fast aproaching and I'm way behind. They changed our phone system over today and I guess it will take some time to get used to some of the things it incorporates. Talk to you again soon and have a great weekend. lilly

Friday, October 9, 2009

Today was to be a quiet Friday with nothing much going on and suddenly I had to have another blood draw as the my last report shows that I'm still anemic. So on the way there my husband needed a new light flannel shirt so we stopped at Kohls and got that and while there I found a bathrobe I liked and I really need a new one so I made good use of a gift card I had. Then it was on to the lab. After that we went to lunch and had a great fish sandwich. Almost more than I could eat as it was served with french fries and coleslaw. As you might guess I ate the fish and left the roll (to much bread for me). My husband ate my coleslaw and I ate some of the french fries ,the remainder went back to the kitchen. Then it was time to head for home and try to relax a little. Now the baseball playoffs are on and supper is in the oven. I guess we are having turkey meatloaf and baked potatoes with cauliflower for a vegetable. Just wrote a letter to our granddaughter in South Carolina. She is really feeling bad as she blew her knee out during cheerleading practice and is missing some school and I am asuming that it is quite painful from what she has said. Well I am going to go see about the progress of supper so I will leave for now. lilly

Monday, October 5, 2009

The weekend end is gone and October is here. I'm not sure where September went ,I thought maybe the rain would stop once October arrived but no such luck.. It rained here most of the weekend and sometimes very hard and it was very cool. My wave petunias had to go to flower heaven as they were looking very straggley. Most of the leaves were frost bitten and the flower part was starting to look brown so off they went and will be refilled next spring. I did make apple crisp on Friday so we did eat that and am now afraid to step on the scales. It was just to cold and wet to do anything outside. I don't mind the cold but by the time we would have got to the car we would hae been soaked. Would like to find another flower to replace the pot we emptied but guess its to late in the season. Today is laundry day and then it will be off to the grocery store. Yesterday evening our neighbor came over and brought us some brown bread that she had made. (very good). I guess it is time now to start looking for candy sales for Halloween. Not sure how many to expect here as our building is quite seculed so maybe we will get lucky and not have to many. My husband likes to buy candy that he likes so whatever is left is his. My baby afagan is done so now I have to find another project to do. will let you all know when I find out what it be. Right now it is a cup of fresh brewed coffee.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today one of my most revered wishes came true. My daughter, son in law,grandaughter and new great grandson were here for most of the day. We all had dinner together and later in the afternoon desert and coffee was served. Our daughter brought desert which was a carmel apple pie that they bought at one of the orchards on the way up from Binghamton. Very delicious. Earlier in the day I had made a big pot of goulash which didn't last very long and all we had with that was Italian Bread and strong cheese that Tim brought with them. It made me feel good to think that I was able to do our dinner (cooking) myself. I do have to admit that I had to use my stool at the counter to cut up the onion and pepper and then I could just slide on it over to the stove and do my cooking. Not like the old days when I could just whip up a dish like this with no effort. There again the best part of the day was being able to hold Aiden and give him gentle hugs . Well enough mushy stuff for now and since our granddaughter brought an Albun of her baby shower I will close and go look at all the nice things she got for the baby. lilly

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Morning, It is a little foggy here this morning but is supposed to burn off rather quickly and be almost 80 degrees. It was also very nice yesterday and had to have the air conditioning for awhile. One of the girls I grew up with came to visit yesterday and brought another friend of ours with her. They brought us a beautiful fruit basket with everything in it that we like. The surprising thing is that on Monday my husband and gone shopping and brought home fresh fruit. That is one one my downfalls. Can't seem to keep my hands off that fresh fruit. Now I have plenty here for a couple of weeks. Apples, oranges,pears,grapes and banannas. I had made egg and olive for sandwiches and also tuna fish along with chips for our lunch. There was not enough time for all the conversation that we had to talk about so will have to do that again soon. After they left we went to see about getting our phone service changed as we can only call the next town without it being long distance and that is getting to be very expensive so once that was done it was a stop at the grocery store to buy bread and than home to crash as we were both exhausted. Now my hands are getting very shaky so gusess I'd better leave for now. Lilly

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Today was actually a total opposite of yesterday. Very cold and a litttle frost when I got up this morning. As the day progressed it became very warm and in the high70's. Supposed to be very nice all week with small amounts of rain which we need. Nothing special happening this past weekend and we were solid chair keepers and movie theater people this weekend. Sometimes it is very hard to find a decent movie on TV but this was weekend was great. This coming Saturday our grandaughter is coming up from Binghamton and bringing our new baby to visit. I hope he doesn't mind the dust that has gathered while I tend to be able to only dust one room a day so either I get busy or it will still be there when they arrive Saturday. not sure if we are going to change our phone provider or not as we have had more trouble this past week with the one we have so we are thinking about doing a change. Well its time for the nebulizer and then its off to bed so hope everyone has a good week. lilly

Friday, September 18, 2009

Today has been almost like a typical early fall day. Just a few sprinkles here in this part of New York State and the temperature has been in the high 60's. We have had all the windows open and have been enjoying the fresh air. I have been recliner bound most of the day as a problem with the legs haven't let me be to mobil. Maybe I done to much yesterday as we made our once a week journey to do several errands that we usually try to do together and then we went out to lunch which is always a welcome treat. I'm not sure if I wrote that our new great grandson arrived on September 11th about 11:30 pm. He weighed 7lb3oz. Both baby and Mom are doing well. His name is Aiden Lee. His blanket is finished except for the border which will be done this week. Once this project is finished is finished I have a couple of books to read and then I will get busy making doilies for Xmas gifts. My husband has made goulash for supper so I will have to leave and go eat while the food is hot. lilly

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

As of Friday afternoon our telephone service decided to take a vacation from us using it. Called the phone company on the cell phone and they said no repair until sometime on Monday as it was too late in the day. It seems like they want their monthly bill paid on time or we get a late charge. The phone didn 't bother me so much as not being able to use the computer. I love to read what everyone else writes (i'm only a little nosey). I probably wouldn't be like that but I'm confined to my chair so much it keeps me occupied. We did have a busy weekend planned with the children so the time went by fairly rapidly. On Sunday we went to Sampson AirBase where my husband took his Naval Training . Once there one of the son in laws wheeled me in my wheelchair and the visit was very informative. Guess I forgot Saturday. One of the other girls had a yard sale and we had several things we had put in as they were items from when we moved. Then on Monday while waiting for the phone company my husband went to the golf tournament that is held every year in honor of our great grandaughter who was killed in an acident six years ago. Then every year a senior from her school is awarded a scholarship . About 1:30 they finally got our phone repaired so when he came home to check on me I was ready to go with him to the golfcourse for supper and visit with several members of the family and friends. Thank God for walkers and wheel chairs.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yesterday (Tuesday) for the most part was spent sorting items for the Saturday yard sale. To make matters worse our storage room is on the second floor so everything had to be carried down and then what wasn't going in the yard sale had to be taken back up. That was really hard on my husband as there are 17 steps each way. I didn't realize that I had so many nicknacks. Now I don't have room for all of them so what do you keep and what do you sell.Then we discovered that we have three suitcases and we don't even travel anymore so one of then had to go. Now the back seat of the car is loaded and ready to go to our daughters. I had to put one very nice pair of drapes in that I had bought for the sliding glass door as we have no window here that can compare with a window that large. By the time we finished with all of that it was lunch time and I was ready to head for my recliner. Maybe tomorrow will be a little slower and I can crochest some more. lilly

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Holiday Weekend is about over and us old people are sitting here watching the ball game,which we have been doing for most of the afternoon and evening. We did have one of the girls stop in this afternoon and also our granddaughter and her her two children were here for awhile. This morning I had a burst of energy so I baked chocolate chip cookies and then for supper I cooked a beef roast. The rest of supper was left up to the main man to fix as I was about done in. Saturday we went to one of the girls and her husbands for dinner and played cards for quite awhile . We tend to leave early this time of year as it to hard for my husband or myself to drive after dark. In fact I hardly drive at all anymore. This coming weekend will be busy as one of the girls is having a yard sale on Saturday and then of Sunday we are going to Sampson Naval Base as my husband as a Brick in place there as that is where he took his basic training for the navy and the girls went together and bought brick with his name and years of service to be placed in the walkway and he hasn't seen it since it was laid so we are all going there in the morning. Then on Monday there is a Golf Tournament in Memory of our Great Granddaughter. I could almost bet that on Tuesday I will be having a recliner day. My baby blanket is on it last rounds to be finished and then all I have to do is the trim work on the edges. Hve to go use the Nebulizer so will write agaijn later. lily

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I guess I have been a little on the lazy side as I haven't wrote much during the month of August. Today is rainy and quite cool here.Yesterday we had thunder storms and very heavy rain at times. There was one quite nice spell so we rode to Sears in Auburn to buy a new food chopper as mine quit with no warning. My recliner chair also bit the dust this week so we have been trying to do some home repair on that and finally got that usable again and then today a spring let loose while I was sitting in it nad we did manage to get that hooked back up. Who knows what will happen next. The shaking hands are really a problem today. I have been trying to crochet some on the baby blanket as it is impossible to hold a book still enough to read. I gave up on that when I read the same line twice. It almost sems like fall again today and that seems to be early for that type of weather. I'm sure we will have more hot and humid days before fall really sets in. Have to write more later but my supper is about ready so I will bend your ears later. lilly

Monday, August 24, 2009


Well today is laundry day again. The clothes hamper is full amd the dresser drawers are getting low. Friday as I previously wrote my nephew and family were here to visit and I really enjoyed that as we have not had a one on one in a long time. Then on Saturday I made Apple Crisp and another daughter and her family came to visit and we had a shared supper together. We had had steak on the grill and Kathy made potato salad. We also had a great game of cards which was very relaxing. The men also got to watch a baseball game which my husbands team lost . The kids left early so we also retired early. Sunday I said I wonder what will happen today and nothing unusual happened so we both took an afternoon rest. I cooked a pork roast with potatoes and gravy . We also had steamed squash and carrots. Seems like we eat like queens and kings around here. Kathy(one of our daughters) also figured out how to put some of my crochet work up so people can see that. That shows how to keep your fingers busy and what several people get for Christmas presents. Have to go tend the coffee pot so will hear from everyone later. lilly

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

I am very happy now that my very pretty flowers are showing on the top of my blog spot. Our daughter and son-in law were kind enough to do this for me. These are the flowers that I was growing on our deck in Auburn. My bachlor buttons had to be disposed of last week as they were begining to look like straw. Today I rode to GEneva with my husband and went into the Wegmans store there for the first time. I thought the one in Auburn was big but this one is even bigger. I was happy to get out of there and a good thing he was pushing the wheel chair or I would still be looking to kind my way out. While we were in there one of the girls who used to work for me in the bank suddenly appeared and was very glad to see her. Tonight one of my nephews and his family came to visit and brought their daughter with them who has adopted a little boy from China who has downs syndrom .. Very cute child and sometime in Setpember she and her husband are getting a seven year girl with down syndrom. Well guess I have jabbered enoough for one night so I will close for now. lilly

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yesterday was the check up day at the doctors. Everything went fine and do not have to return to that doctor until September. I have one aide coming on Thursday and the Nurse coming on Friday and if they agree that I can do a few things for myself that Agency will be released. They only thing that really bothers me is my hands shaking when I try to do something. We did have some rain yesterday and it did cool down some but the humudity is still up there. Just ordered a new bathrobe from J c Pennys on line and I have never done that so I hope the final results are good. I think today is grocery day by the looks of our fridge. Mighty low on several items. Good thing you can't see the shaking when I type or you would think that you needed new glasses. lilly

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We have stayed in all day today it has been so blasted hot and humid!! It is now 5:30pm and is still 91 degrees and very humid. Today is the first day since coming home that I have tried any actual cooking and I have made a zuchinni caserolle. It has hamburg, onion, garlic, zuchinni ,tomatoes and mozeralla cheese and then put into a 350 degree oven to bake. It took me a long time to assemble this and now I am exhausted. Hope it is good. Tomorrow my husband is going to his class reunion but I don't think I could stay at the restaurant for that long so I am going to have him take me to one of the girls house which is on his way and I will wait there for him. Hope everyone has had a good weekend and willl hope to hear from you soon. lilly

Friday, August 14, 2009

It has been very hot and humid here the past few days and supposed to continue through the weekend. I really don't mind the heat but the humudity is terible!! We do have central air in the new apartment so that is a big help,at nighttime we usually shut it off when we gp tp bed and just turn on the fan and that is enough for sleeping.One of the ocupational therapist was finished coming as of today as the exercises she gave me to do really made my back hurt worse than usual. Luckily I was able to bring my flower pot from the deck when we moved and I wish you could see the beautiful petunias I have overflowing the pot. There is also dusty miller in the pot and a tall varigated spike. It has been a wonderful Mothers Day Gift. I also had a tomato plant but I gave that to one of my friends uptown in Auburn and she said she has already got at least five tomatoes from it. One of our son in laws brought all kinds of fresh vegetables yesterday and so did one of the other girls so I do not have to buy fresh veggies for awhile. Went outside for a short walk on the sidewalk with one of the therapist today and got a bit of that hot humid air but it was nice to be outside. Yesterday my husband had to go into Geneva so I rode with him and that was nice just to get in the car for a ride. While we were there we stopped by the lake and had an ice cream . Will write again soon and hopefully be back on a normal schedule soon. lilly

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am going to try this again tonight and hopefully my hands will not shake to much.It really doesn't seem like I have been gone for twelve days but I guess anything is possible when you aren't able to do to anything. First off it is great to be home from the hospital. Today was filled with physical therapy,occupational thearpy, visiting nurse and an aid who helped me get a shower.She will come twice a week to help me with that. Then my hairdresser came and washed and cut my hair so now I am begining to feal somewhat human again.Well my hands are starting to shake again so I won't be on here much longer. Wanted to touch base with everyone and say BIG HELLO to everyone, lilly

Friday, July 31, 2009

It is hard to believe that today is the last day Of July. It has really been a busy month for us. Yeaterday one of the girls came up from Binghamton and took me to the Doctors in Rochester, Luckily a good report from this one doctor and I do not have to go back to that one until May of 2010. I do not often have a chance to spend that much time with any one of our girls and it was a really nice day even thought it was a trip to the drs. On the way home we stopped and I bought Chinese supper for the two of us. Next weekwnd there is a book sale a the Lansing, N.Y. fire hall that we always go to. That is where we buy our books for the coming year. All books are being sold next Saturday for $2.00 per grocery bag and we always manage to get a good supply . Now that we are fairly well settled our new apartment it is looking very nice. Curtains are hung, dishes are put away and furniture is arranged. Of course we will always find something that we want to change. Saturday is my granddaughters baby shower so I will be going to that with another one of the girls. Now it is time for bedtime meds so I will have to write more another time. Hello to all my fellow bloggers and anyone else who would care to write. lilly

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today is going to be a shopping day as we have to try and find draperies for the living room and the bedroom. Every room comes with mini blinds so curtains or draperies were the last thing list to buy. Fortunately we did not have to purchase to much of anything. Now all the clocks , shelves and other decorations are hung so we can concentrate on the draperies. We thought we had lost our sewing basket and both of us looked for it for many hours and finally found it stuck behind the ironing board. So far that is the only thing that has come up missing. Now the lost is found . My flowers are doing wonderful and have many comments on how pretty they are. We have used the new grill that my husband got for Fathers Day twice and how wonderful it is to have a grilled steak. Sometime today I would like to go to the Amish store as I need to stock up on some spices and I just love to browse through their store. We are only about 1/4 mile from that store now. Well it is time for the coffee pot to be put on to brew so I will hope to have some new blogs to read before I sign off. lilly

Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Morning Everyone

The move to another town and a new to us apartment is finally complete. We had the heavy furniture moved by a moving company and the smaller items were moved by our children and us. I can't really say us a I done nothing but watch and say OH NO It goes here not there. Then once my oxygen machine was moved I had to remain at the new apartment. Then the whole weekend was busy with unpacking putting away and then moving it to a different spot once again. The girls and their husbands were here once again to help the old out with the climbing and high reaching. Then on Thursday to add to the excitment we got a call to go to the hospital ,my oldest daughter was in a diabetic coma and there were a few very tense hours spent there. But thanks to many prayers and a strong will on her part and a good hospital she is once again home. I will write more again later but fresh coffee is calling me so I will close for now and hope to hear form everyone soon. lilly

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today we made the final arrangements for our move. We will actually start moving on the 15th and the movers will be here for the rest of our furniture and boxes on the 16th. We were at the new apartmant today and they were in the process of painting the whole thing. Tomorrow they are bringing in a new refrigerator which made me very happy because there was no fridge there. They did let us put many things in our storage room whichis on the upper level of the building. They are also laying a new bathroom floor as the one there is in terrible shape. Then we were off to the cable vision place to get that all set up and were finally on our way home when we decided to stop at the bank I had worked at and order new checks and a new address stamp and of course had to visit with old customers and we personally know the customer service lady so to much time was spent there. Then it was time to start our treck home. Supper was a hot roast sandwich with apple sauce on the side at 8:00 tonight and now I am ready for bed. Talk to you all again another day. Lilly

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our monitor has now been delegated to a card table with the tower placed on the floor and the printer is also on the card table. Not like our usual place for all these items but at least we are still usuable.Today has been rather cold here but no rain. That is a milestone if I ever saw one. We have had so much rain yesterday it was laying in puddles on the lawn. Yesterday afternoon one of the girls stopped by and brought goodies for both her Dad and myself. They are all so thoughtful it is hard to tell sometimes who belongs to who. Tomorrow I would like ot go to WalMart and see about buying some new shelf paper. I guess I have to give in and use one of their electric carts as it is to hard for my husband to push me in the wheel chair all the time. It is time for me to get ready for bed so I will close for now and hope tomorrow is a little wamer than today. Lilly

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good Morning Everyone,
The Fourth of July has now passed us by for another year and I guess it is time for this family to get back to somewhat normal activities. There was a lot of fire works all around us last night. The largest display being at the ball park, and at the park by the lake. Some of the buildings in the complex where we live had their own display. There are 26 buildings in this complex where we still are and each building has 12 apartments in it so you can imagine what it sounded like here. The sun is shinning right now and hopefully it stays that way for one day of the holiday weekend. I guess it is my turn to fix breakfast so I had better get busy before my husband is up and wants to eat and nothing is ready but the coffee. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and a enjoy yourselves. Lilly

Thursday, July 2, 2009

I got up this morning with high hopes of seeing the sun . Guess what,no such luck it was rain again and has been that way all day. Maybe I said my prayers from the wrong side of the bed last night when I asked if we could see just a little sunshine when the norning arrives.. The humudity has also been terrible todday but I did have to go out with my husband to Seneca Falls to get some info on the new apartment. Looks like about two weeks and maybe sooner that we will be able to move. Our apartment here looks like a cyclone went through and I'm not used to that although I did find things that I have seriously neglected to dust. Hope who ever saw the dust forgives me. Well I guess I'm not depressed enough with the weather so I will go watch the news and see what the weather report is. lilly

Monday, June 29, 2009

I just left the doctors office and I had to write and let you know what I saw that about blew my mind.
A young teenage girl came into the office with short shorts on two different knee socks,two different shoes and two different shoe laces. Is this a new trend? Or where the parents still in bed when she left the house. Either that or I'm older than I think. Enjoy the rest of your day as I sure do have some funny things to think about. lilly

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today was another hot and humid day here until the sky finally opened up and it poured that heavenly rain that we have been blessed with all week. Didn't do much for the humudity but it has cooled off some. Our Grandaughter stopped in today to pick up some things to take to her Mom in Binghamton and to check on her baby blanket that I am crocheting. Someday I will get a camera so I can let everyone see what I do make. But then I will have to have one of the girls show me how to put the pictures on the message. I'm to old for all this new fangled stuff. They used to say say retirement was the golden age but I have yet to find the gold but I sure am enjoying being able to do some things when i want to. Packing and getting ready for the move is coming along nicely and hope to make the big one about the 12th of July. ,I am so thankful that my husband is able to do most of this move himself as I am just not able to help much. The pool at our complex opened today and I was about ready to go dangle my feet in the water when the rain came so will have to that another day. Another grandaughter and her boyfriend are supposed to come over this coming weekend. Hope they don't mind our mess. Thankfully the living room is pretty much intact. It is supposed to get cooler and the humudity is supposed to go away so maybe we will all have a better week. The deck flowers are blooming nicely and the tomatoes are growing and now I also have a pot of basil so my small garden tends to give me something to do. Hope everyone has a good week. lilly

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I received my All YOU magazine and that is the only magazine I subscribe to as it isually has more coupons in it that are worth more than the magazine costs. We have one daughter who subscribes to more magazines than you can imagine so when she is done with them they always come home to Mom, I get the enjoyment of reading then and the only cost is taking them to the recycle when I.m done with them or pass them on to someone else. My patio flowers and tomato plant are thriving nicely and all ready have 5 tomatoes on my plant. Can't wait until we have a ripe tomato that isn't store bought. Our apartment is looking really bare and if you count boxes as decorations I have plenty of them. Thank God the furniture can't be boxed up or I would be looking for a place to sit. Have a great day tomorrow as I'm going to see if the bedroom is still intact. lilly

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yesterday being Fathers Day we were a very busy household. It all started at 7:45Am when the first of eight daughters called. Then it was on to breakfast with another daughter and her husband and their grandaughter. Then it was on to another daughters home where more of the girls had gathered and had a picnic for Dad and to give him his gift. Five of the children had gone together and bought him a new gas grill that we will be able to use at the new apartment. In between times our cell phone never quit ringing with messages from the other girls. By 8:30pm I was exhausted and ready to head for home and get ready for bed. The ankles are swollen and breathing is at a premium as the humudity was terrible. So glad that my husband had a great day. I also want to say that nothing could take away from the joy of having a father as caring as mine was. He was only with us for a short time as he went to another place higher up and more peaceful at the tender age of 42. Thank you Dad for all the the many things you taught me. I still find myself missing him so very much. Time to go and thank all Fathers in this world for the many things they brought to our families. Lilly

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yesterday I went and got my hair trimmed or so I thought. But it looks more like a hair cut to me, oh well that should last for a couple of months. Today one of the girls and our grandaughter are coming over and pick up the doll house that my husband made for me and I helped to wall paper and furnish the inside. Just won't have room for it at the new apartment. Also have an afagan I made for our granddaughters daaaughter so they will also take that home. Then I have to go to the doctors and have the shingles shot. I often wonder how did we do all this extra stuff when we were working every day. The girls said they would bring lunch with them and my husband made homemade soup so now all I have to think about is the evening meal. Maybe I'll just have SKIP. That sure would be different. Got to get busy. Hello to everyone and will write more later. lilly

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This has been a busy week. Spent one day in Rochester having all kinds of tests done and not sure what they are going to do about with what they have found but something good I hope. I don't like this Lazy Chair Syndrom. Have tried to help my husband do some packing but I'm about as helpful as nothing so the best thing for me to do is stay out of his way. Today one of the girls and her husband brought us dinner as they cannot come on Fathers Day so we celebrated with them today. They brought the new Kentucky Grilled Chicken and it was very good. They also brought all the trimmings with it so we had a good afternoon with them. Lots of good converstion and a few laughs also. This evening we will just have a sandwich of some kind as dinner wasn't that long ago. The doiley I'm making is almost finished so then I will have to start on the baby afagan for the new great grandchild. He is expected the end of September. Exciting times are on the way. Samantha has already picked out the pattern she would like . Maybe I will go yarn hunting this week. Well my fingers are not tracking right so instead of correcting all the time I will close for now and write again later in the week. Lilly

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have to thank someone for help in getting this darn super glue off my fingers. Maybe it was the dish soap, the nail polish remover or the D&L handcleaner. I'm not sure who it was but thanks anyway. Today was spent in Rochester having a mirage of tests done and I didn't feel good when I got up so it was not a pleasant day but both of us were utterly wiped out by the time we got home. Now comes the wait for the results. It is raining here now and it is s nice soft rain so maybe it will help people with gardens that were drying up. Our apartment building is very quiet tonight so everyone must have turned in early,so guess maybe I will do the same. Good nite. Lilly

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today I tried to start packing my curio cabinet. What a job that turned out to be. I finished one shelf. Only small items but very fragil. Guess who broke a piece off one iem and tried to super glue it back and glued more of my fingers that the item so I finally gave up and now I have super glue all over my fingers. Oh well It will wear off soon. (I Hope) Got a call back from the plumonary dept. at Strong Memorial Hospital and have to go in Thursday for a bunch of tests. So That will mean a whole day in Rochester. That is about one and a half hours from here. Wouldn't be to bad but is is supposed to rain Thursday. Maybe I can accomplish more tomorrow. At least I did get supper tonight and that was about the only productive thing I've done. Talk to you again soon. Lilly

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today has not been a very productive day for me as the breathing has been a problem. My husband has been busy all day and even went out to the Dollar Tree to get me some tissue paper so I can start to wrap up my curio cabinet and he came home with another car full of boxes. The big move will be here before I know it so I had better get feeling better and be more help to him. I did cook a roast beef for supper and have enough left so we can have hot beef sandwiches for supper tomorrow. Now is the time for me to say good night and use the nebulizer for the last time today. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone. Lilly

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today has ended up to be a busy day. We got a phone call a bout 11:30 saying my glasses were ready to be picked up. So about quarter of twelve we left to go into the busy part of our small city to get the glasses. Now remember we have already done the laundry. It is now 5:30 and the clean sheets are still not on the bed. We were just getting ready to walk out the door when one of the girls called and said she was coming to Auburn and would meet us for lunch at Arby's. Their new flat bread sandwich is very good. Comes with fries and a drink for 5.00. Now at a bad deal. More than enough for this old girl. Cheryl came back home with us for a visit and then one our neigh bors who has moved to a senior home stopped by to visit as she heard we are moving. Now it is time to start supper and neither one of us is hungry. Guess maybe we will have desert and tea a little later. MY ears are starting to get sore so maybe I will need an adjustment on the new glasses. This weekend is Founders Day here in Auburn, Paper says Sarah Palin is gpoing to be here for a visit and will be making a couple of speeches. Guess maybe we will stay home and not venture uptown this weekend. Tomorrow is one of the girls birthday , I have already sent her a card and gift certificate to WalMart which I am sure she will use to get a new summer outfit. OK I'm off to heat water for the teapot and scrounge up some desert. LILLY

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hopefully today my new glasses will be in and I will be able to see how many typo's I make in one blog settting!! I only had to get the part that increased my ability to read. Not that I ever learn very much but what I choose to remember is very interesting and sometimes funy. This past weekend we started sorting and what a mess. My husband (Mr. Bob) put his back out or maybe it is his hip. Or Who knows it could be both.It has been rather chilly and quite cool for this time of year. We really need to have some sunshine. The coffee has finished brewing so I guess I shall indulge in a cup of that and a breadfast bar. Sometime today someone will read this and answer and give me something to answer. Have a GREAT DAY. Lilly

Friday, May 29, 2009

Today we went to Seneca Falls ,had some questions to ask the manager of the new Apartment. Finished with that and on to Burger King for a fish sandwich. Fish was good but a little disapointing as they had mayo on it instead of tater ssauce. We ate in the car as I can't breath to well today and my husband put his back out. We sure are a lively couple!! I went into the grocery store there with my trusty walker and bought some meat and now we are on our way home. Went through the drive through at WALGREENS to pick up my meds and now the lively couple are home and ready to call it a day. Lilly

Sunday, May 24, 2009

This has been a busy couple of days for us.Really not so busy but have been doing more than we usually do. On Thursday we had a phone call telling us that one of the places we had an application in for a ground floor apartment had one available . Friday morning we called and made an appointment to do go talk to the manager that afternoon. It is in the same complex where we used to live only on the opposite side of the street. Very nice place only not quite as large as where we are now. It looks as thought we will be moving in late July or the first of August. It is about a half hour South of where we live now and in the same area where I used to work. From that appointment we went on to buy flowers for the cemetary. By this time it is almost 2:00 and we are both hungry so off to McDonald's we go and then on to the cemetary to place the flowers. Now it is time for me to go home and my husband is also tired out. Once home we both took a short rest and then I proceeded to make a shrimp salad for the next day as we are going to one of the girls for a picnic. There was only the four of us so we played cards and had hamburg,hot dogs and salad and later in the afternoon we had cheesecake for desert that my husband made. Today being Sunday we fully decided to make it a day of rest but have been busy doing odd jobs that seem to keep everyone busy. Happy Memorial Day to Everyone and God Bless All of Our Armed Forces who have helped to make our daily lives possible. My husband is a Navy Veeteran and I know I sure do appreciate him. Lilly

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yesterday was a busy day for us (Saturday) and the humudity ws not condusive to a person with breathing problems. First off it was the normal daily chores to do.Wash my hair, curl something that doesn't want to be curled,Make the bed ,shower and get ready for the day. In the meantime my husband made breakfast. Bacon ,eggs and whole wheat bagle. I can only manage half of a bagle and one egg then I'm done. I didn't feel like doing dishes so into the dishwasher they went.By Sunday evening it will be full enough to run. Then we had to wrap a birthday gift for our soon to be five year old great granddaughter . That was about a twenty minute trip to their house with the thunder strom and heavy rain coming shortly after we arrived there.About two hours later it had let up enough to get to our car so we decided it was time for us to move on to the grocery store and then home. Just arrived home when another storm hit our area. How to get soaked in a hurry if you can't run or walk fast. Even with the walker I don't get far very fast. We had a late supper and I used the nebulizer at ten o'clock and off to be I went. Good thing I kissed the man goodnight because I didn't even know when he came to bed. Now its time to start another day. Hopefully no rain today and I can at least sit on the deck and enjoy the sunshine.(If the sun ever decides to come throught the clouds) Lilly

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A nice weekend for Mothers Day. It was cold on Sunday but no rain so everyone was happy. On Saturday we also celebrated one of our daughter's birthday which is next weekend and also Mothers Day was celebrated. Her son was also here. Our grandaughter is in Mississippi in the Air Force. She works at the hospital pharmacy in Biloxi. on Monday afternoon our daughter called and said they had just had a phone call from her , she had just found out that she is going to have a baby boy. Choen is quite excited as this is her first grandchild. I guess great grandma will have to crochet a blue baby afgan. Tomorrow is a trip to Rochester to see the vascular surgeon to check out the legs again. Always something to take up our time. It is quite lonesome around here without my neighbor as we always saw each other every day . Yesterday I planted some flower seeds in small pots and put them on the window sill in the den. Will have to transplant them if the seeds mature. I don't always have good luck doing that. This morning I went to the beautician and had my hair trimmed as it was longer tham I like it so now I at least feel human again. Lilly

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This has been a quiet week here at out apartment building as one of our older residents and our neighbor across the hall went to live with her Lord on Tuesday morning. This was very sudden as we had talked with her on Friday and she suffered a stroke on the way home from visiting her husband who is in the nursing home. She was my closest friend her at the our building,although everyone is very friendly ,she was a special person. Sunday being Mothers Day will be busy here as several of the girls will be visiting and some of the grandchildren. Oh what fun a large family can be. Tomorrow I am going grocery shopping with my husband so I can by my cheeses to make macroni and cheese for Sunday. He is also making an apple pie. Eveyone who comes always brings a dish of somekind. Hope someone brings a vegetable. This is all for tonight as I am tired. Lilly

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I should have wrote a post script last night but by the time I remembered this I was already in bed. One of our granddaughters spent a year in Finland as an exchange student and her parents also went to Finland to visit while she was there. My nephew also was an a member of the Rotary Youth Orginaziaton during his high school years. I know now that I should have mad notes before I started to write this article because there are to many things I could write about during my year as president. Thanks for listening. Lilly

Monday, April 27, 2009

As promised I am back again! In 1989 I was asked if I would join the Waterloo Rotary Club. The manager of the bank and I were the first women to be voted into the club. Now starts the interesting part. In my second year as a member I took on the job as treasurer which I held for several years. Then in 1995 I was voted in by the past presidents committe as president for one year. During this year we done many interesting things. Our first foreign exchange student, arrived from Japan, then our first outgoing student went to England.We also started a program to donate food to our local food pantry. Forget to put your membership button on you donated to the food bank. During that year we also started a Holiday Program where the whole Club went to the Nursing Homes to sing Chrisstmas Carols. We also gave each resident a Christmas Card. On Valentines Day our Japenese Student held a formal Tea Party for myself and my husband. We were on our knees for the whole time and I thought I wouldn't be able to get up. In 1991 I was gifted with the highest award that a Rotarian can receive. The Paul Harris Award. I am so very proud of this and hope someday to have one of our family become interested in the Rotary Program. I know I have forgot some things but I am tired. Good Night Lilly
Hard to believe but it is almost the end of April. Our weather here for the past few days has been in the very high 80's. Today our thermometer is standing at 92'0. We should be having this kind of weather in July. Now on with my story. I had only been working at the bank for a short amount of time when I was asked if I would care to be of the Board of Directors for the American Institute of Banking. What a surprise but I certainly did enjoy my time serving on the board. The only problem was I had to drive about 22 miles to get to the meeting that met a 7:30 am. That made for a long day but lots of good information to put into use at our bank. I done this for about five years and then decided to turn my chair over to someone else as I had another project I was involved in and I needed to spend more time learning about that organization I will stop for now as I need to gather my thoughts on how I want to proceed with my next endeavor.Will write more later tonight. lilly

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just a bit of trivia for tonight. The only president born in Cayuga County where we live in New York State was Millard Fillmore. Nothing much has been done to honor his birthplace except for a sign and a flag. Local businesses have given donations in his honor and a Memorial Pavilliom and plaque in Summer Hill is being erected honoring our 13th president. Just a small piece of local history I thought was interesting. Lilly

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

April 21st is our Aniversary so being such a beautiful day we decided to celebrate and go out for lunch which ended up being dinner. We went to Clay, N.Y. to Red Lobster and ate more than we would normally eat for two dinners and brought left overs home. On our way home we stopped at an antique store and of course I had to help support the store by making a purchase. I found a Fenton cranberry glass vase and was totally taken by it so I had to bring it home to see how it would look with my other Fenton pieces that are in my curio cabinet and others that are scattered about our living room. Oh Well, guess everybody has a downfall of somekind. Now on to the great grandbaby, my daughter is in Philidelphia now waiting for her connecting flight but I did talk to her and the ultra sound did not show the sex of this little bugger as the child would not open its legs. Another ultra sound is not scheduled for another 5 weeks so I guess someone is being modest at this point of time. Will head to my easy chair now as I am ready to relax for the evening.

Friday, April 17, 2009

We have had one beautiful day here and I have enjoyed every minute of this afternoon. Right after lunch (leftovers from yesterday) got my portable oxygen ready and my walker and off to the grocery store we went. That is always a treat for me as I sometimes pick out things my husband doesn't purchase. Today it was turkey thighs and very thin pieces of beef that I will fix for supper with peppers, and onions.Will have this with some brown rice cooked in beef broth. After the grocery store we went to Walgreens where I purchased some nail polish, and sunglasses. Also bought a bag of snacks for my husband as he is always buying me something if I don't go with him. Then it was homeward bound and a struggle to get up the 7 steps to our apartment but it was worth the struggle to get out in the sunshine. Lilly

Thursday, April 16, 2009

This week is running by me faster than I can go. My walker only goes so fast and I'm not doing so well today. One of the girls and her husband was here for lunch today. It is a 75 mile drive from their home to ours so we really appreciate them coming to visit. On their way here they stopped at the Mennonite Store in Seneca Falls,N.Y. and brought us some things they know we really enjoy. Smoked pork chops from Pennsylvania and home grown asparagus. What a feast that will be. It is in the high 60's here today with a slight breeze so it is still a little chilly. My daughter is on her trip to Mississippi now and I can't wait for her to get home to hear the news of my granddaughter and her most recent visit to the doctors. Supposed to find out this trip if she is having a boy or girl. Never thought I would see the day when I would be a great granny. This will make ten great grandchildren. Maybe I should give up the walker and retire to my recliner. Still have dishes to do so I had better sign off and write more another time. Lilly

Monday, April 13, 2009

I think our Ester Dinner is beginning to settle and will soom ba able to enjoy a normal meal. Easter Sunday was spent with one of the girls and her husband. We all shared in the cooking so it was rather interesting. We took our son in laws mother with us as she only drives to the grocery store. She has really bad eyes. Today was a trip to Rochester to see the plumonary doctor so both my husband and I are tired tonight. My sister went with us, she is a registered nurse and wanted to hear what the good doctor had to say. Had to have some blood work done and then it was homeward bound.. Glad to get to her house amd have a short break from riding. When we got to her house my daughter was there with two of her grandchildren so we had a nice visit with them before we started our last leg of the trip home. Easter was cold and dry and not windy but felt more like fall then spring. I had dworn a thin jacket when we left home and was glad to have heat in the car. The rest of the week should be fairly quiet unless something unusual happens. Almost forgot one of the girls leaves for Biloxi, Mississippi tomorrow to visit with my granddaughter who is in the air force.Hope she has a good flight to and from . She will be gone for a week. Can't wait to hear the news form there. Hope everyone has a great week and hope to hear form you soon. Lilly

Saturday, April 4, 2009

This has been a week of great pleasure for me as my left eye had the laser treatment and as of today I can finally say I can see again. It took a long time for it to get back to normal as it seemed to stay dilated for a long time. Tomorrow I am going to try to read as I have spent most of the winter(since Christmas) not able to read for more than a line or two at a time. We also made up our mind to try and start using up some of our older supplies in our refrigerator freezer.Lets hope if anyone shows up to eat who knows what they will end up with. Could be a surprise for everyone. The last two days here have been rainy and cold,now it looks as though there might be a snow flake showing through. We really do not need that at this time of year when I want to put my planters on the deck. My husband is now curled up in his lounge chair watching his favorite sport. The New York Yankee Baseball Game. That is one sport he really enjoys. I also like to watch Syracuse,N.Y. College basketball. Of course that is over with for this season. I also have an order for a two color doiley to crochet. Would like to finish that soon as I have had it started for quite awhile. Just got our new car registration in the mail today so we are good to drive for another two years. It seems as though that two years goes really fast. Will let you know later in the week how the reading and is progressing. Lilly

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The eye surgery is over with and I am seeing some better but not perfect yet as I have to have the left eye done on the 2nd of April. Then I really should be able to see perfectly again. Today was a surprising day as girl friend I worked with stopped in to see us and while she was here a knock came on the door and when my husband opened the door there stood my grandaughter from South Carolina. Her mother was with her but stayed behind so Jerri Lynn could surprise us. Her older sis was also here. She works for and accountant in Webster, N.Y. Eventually someone went to Pizza Hut and brought back pepperoni pizza, wings and bread sticks. We had planned on having homemade pea soup but it seems like no one cares for that but the two old people. We also had bologna for sandwiches but because it was light bologna no one would eat it. So this evening we finished up left overs for our supper. Tomorrow it is roast beef dinner so if anyone is interested let us know and we'll set another place at the table. The weather today has been absoutely beautiful. Probably in the 60's. I even spent some time on our deck with my two grandaughters. Good night for now and will be looking to hear from everyone. LILLY

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This has been a very quiet Wednesday and also very windy.. The Temperature on the thermometer read 55 degrees but my husband was out and he said the wind mde it quite chilly. I did not venture out today as I have to go get my right eye done tomorrow. I guess this laser surgery is not something that will not hurt but will make me see better I hope. Just had word from my daughter in Binghamton that she is going to see my grandaughter in Mississippi on April 14th and will be there for one week. I know she is excited as this will be her first grandchild. OK friends I have to close and go watch Larry King.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Today was a beautiful day.sunny but cool. We had a birthday dinner for one of the girls . One of her sisters and husband,also her stepbrother and his wife were here to enjoy a ham dinner and apple pie. Lots of good conversation and great to see the kids together. Everyone helped clean up and the whole process went fairly fast. Of course I stayed out of the way with my walker as there was no more room in our small kitchen. I am still learning about this blog business so hopefully I am doing ok. Hve a great week everyone.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Today was a day in waiting. Let me explain. Congress passed a law that said if you have a oxygen concentrator for 3 years you own it. That means any expense incured is ours. Luckily and amendment was passed that says if you have it for over 3 years you can renew your contract for another 3 years before you become responsible for its maintance. I was in luck because I have had my concentrator for 5 alost 6 years so today I started a new contract. God was looking out for us today. Tomorrow I hope to be able to get out and go for a ride as it is supposed to be almost 60 and sunny. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. Lilly

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Yesterday I rode to a nearby town to the Menoite Store where I like to buy my spices and cheese. Such a variety. I also purchased some bacon ends that I use for cooking and seasonings for soups and other foods. Just the ride on a beautiful sunny day was enough for me but going to the store made my day complete. I was totally tired out by the time we arrived home as that was a lomg journey for me. Now that it is nicer weather maybe I will be able to venture out more. Can't tolerate to much cold and wind of the winter months. Today should be quiet and restful as I look at the sun shining it makes me think that I will soon be able to sit on our deck and enjoy the warmer weather.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

lilly's blog

Hello to anyone who might be interested. I am a retired banker, mother,grandmother and great grandmother. I am disabled and on 0xygen 24/7 so there are some things I cannot do. I do love to crochet, cook,do puzzles and some housework. The cooking and housework are shared with my husband. We each have four grown dughters so we have plenty to keep us busy. Would like to hear from anyone who is interested. Lilly

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wednesday adventure

Today was a busy day for me as I had to go out this afternoon and get my hair done. Had decided that I would get a perm as I haven't indulged in that expense since last July. What a difference when I looked in the mirror. But finally did recognize myself. Then when my husband picked me up at the hairdressers it was such a nice day and I don't get out often so I suggested we go for a ride. Then we couldn't make up our mind where we wanted to go so we proceded to ge lost and had a few chuckles of our own because we have lived here for several years and then had to turn aroung several times to find our way home.. So off to home it was and a wonderful spaghetti supper make by my husband. Now it is time to relax until our next adventure.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

first time entry

Have had a quiet Sunday with one of our daughters and husband here for a quiet dinner with my husband and my self. Really seemed nice after a busy Saturday with one of the other daughters here and her four children and their significant others. Lucky we have so many children to keep us occupied as I do not get to go out much.