Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yesterday was the check up day at the doctors. Everything went fine and do not have to return to that doctor until September. I have one aide coming on Thursday and the Nurse coming on Friday and if they agree that I can do a few things for myself that Agency will be released. They only thing that really bothers me is my hands shaking when I try to do something. We did have some rain yesterday and it did cool down some but the humudity is still up there. Just ordered a new bathrobe from J c Pennys on line and I have never done that so I hope the final results are good. I think today is grocery day by the looks of our fridge. Mighty low on several items. Good thing you can't see the shaking when I type or you would think that you needed new glasses. lilly


  1. Glad to hear you are improving. I am sorry about the shaky hands. I know how tiring and frustrating that can be. Hope you had fun at the grocery store - sounds like you need some ice cream for these hot, humid days. Come visit my blog and see what I found!!!!!

  2. Beautiful flowers. Glad you are enjoying them. Kathy