Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Just a bit of trivia for tonight. The only president born in Cayuga County where we live in New York State was Millard Fillmore. Nothing much has been done to honor his birthplace except for a sign and a flag. Local businesses have given donations in his honor and a Memorial Pavilliom and plaque in Summer Hill is being erected honoring our 13th president. Just a small piece of local history I thought was interesting. Lilly


  1. That's very interesting and I know his descendants are very appreciative. I hope you will get to visit there and give us a report. Hope you have had a good day.

  2. Hi Lilly its Mountain Mama. Welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it. I enjoyed reading yours.
    Mountain Mama

  3. Hello, Your grandpa's apricots sounds very tasty. I have heard that there is nothing as good as a ripe, fresh apricot!
    How nice that your friend gves you apricot jam and you give her one of your lovely doilies. You could write a blog and describe your pretty doilies to us. Sometimes words are better than a picture! I am sorry you had to give up Sandy. I hope you have had a good weekend and I'll check in with your blog next time you post.

  4. Hi Lilly, Thanks for the comments on my blog, the Swans certainly are interesting to me.
    If they are building a pavallion for Fillmore that is a good thing..
    No one famous has ever been born in our county:)