Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yesterday I went and got my hair trimmed or so I thought. But it looks more like a hair cut to me, oh well that should last for a couple of months. Today one of the girls and our grandaughter are coming over and pick up the doll house that my husband made for me and I helped to wall paper and furnish the inside. Just won't have room for it at the new apartment. Also have an afagan I made for our granddaughters daaaughter so they will also take that home. Then I have to go to the doctors and have the shingles shot. I often wonder how did we do all this extra stuff when we were working every day. The girls said they would bring lunch with them and my husband made homemade soup so now all I have to think about is the evening meal. Maybe I'll just have SKIP. That sure would be different. Got to get busy. Hello to everyone and will write more later. lilly


  1. Enjoy your lunch guests and let us know how you feel later.

  2. So she took more hair off than you expected...oh dear.
    Rainy here and so I breath poorly. Not fun.