Sunday, May 24, 2009

This has been a busy couple of days for us.Really not so busy but have been doing more than we usually do. On Thursday we had a phone call telling us that one of the places we had an application in for a ground floor apartment had one available . Friday morning we called and made an appointment to do go talk to the manager that afternoon. It is in the same complex where we used to live only on the opposite side of the street. Very nice place only not quite as large as where we are now. It looks as thought we will be moving in late July or the first of August. It is about a half hour South of where we live now and in the same area where I used to work. From that appointment we went on to buy flowers for the cemetary. By this time it is almost 2:00 and we are both hungry so off to McDonald's we go and then on to the cemetary to place the flowers. Now it is time for me to go home and my husband is also tired out. Once home we both took a short rest and then I proceeded to make a shrimp salad for the next day as we are going to one of the girls for a picnic. There was only the four of us so we played cards and had hamburg,hot dogs and salad and later in the afternoon we had cheesecake for desert that my husband made. Today being Sunday we fully decided to make it a day of rest but have been busy doing odd jobs that seem to keep everyone busy. Happy Memorial Day to Everyone and God Bless All of Our Armed Forces who have helped to make our daily lives possible. My husband is a Navy Veeteran and I know I sure do appreciate him. Lilly

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  1. I know it will be helpful to you to live on a ground floor apt. It is always stressful to move though. Your picnic sounds like a fun time. I thank your husband for his service also. Happy Memorial Day to you both. Take care.