Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This has been a quiet week here at out apartment building as one of our older residents and our neighbor across the hall went to live with her Lord on Tuesday morning. This was very sudden as we had talked with her on Friday and she suffered a stroke on the way home from visiting her husband who is in the nursing home. She was my closest friend her at the our building,although everyone is very friendly ,she was a special person. Sunday being Mothers Day will be busy here as several of the girls will be visiting and some of the grandchildren. Oh what fun a large family can be. Tomorrow I am going grocery shopping with my husband so I can by my cheeses to make macroni and cheese for Sunday. He is also making an apple pie. Eveyone who comes always brings a dish of somekind. Hope someone brings a vegetable. This is all for tonight as I am tired. Lilly


  1. Lilly, I am so sorry about your friend. I know you will miss her friendship.

    I know you are looking forward to Sunday. Mac and cheese is one of our favorites! You will have to let us know what variety of dishes everyone brings.

    I hope you rest well tonight. Take care.

  2. Hi Lilly,
    As I struggle with this latest of breathing issues I feel you pain at not being able to do too much. I am hoping we can actually figure out what is going on and not wait until it is progressed too far.
    I hope to make mac and cheese this week as well. I love it with a bit of minced onion.