Friday, October 9, 2009

Today was to be a quiet Friday with nothing much going on and suddenly I had to have another blood draw as the my last report shows that I'm still anemic. So on the way there my husband needed a new light flannel shirt so we stopped at Kohls and got that and while there I found a bathrobe I liked and I really need a new one so I made good use of a gift card I had. Then it was on to the lab. After that we went to lunch and had a great fish sandwich. Almost more than I could eat as it was served with french fries and coleslaw. As you might guess I ate the fish and left the roll (to much bread for me). My husband ate my coleslaw and I ate some of the french fries ,the remainder went back to the kitchen. Then it was time to head for home and try to relax a little. Now the baseball playoffs are on and supper is in the oven. I guess we are having turkey meatloaf and baked potatoes with cauliflower for a vegetable. Just wrote a letter to our granddaughter in South Carolina. She is really feeling bad as she blew her knee out during cheerleading practice and is missing some school and I am asuming that it is quite painful from what she has said. Well I am going to go see about the progress of supper so I will leave for now. lilly


  1. That bathrobe sounds wonderful and what a great thing to buy with your giftcard. Glad you got in a little shopping and the fish lunch sounded good. Sorry you are still anemic. I hope your granddaughter feels better real soon. You two have a nice weekend. I just have to tell you, the kitten MAGIC, tried to nurse on Harriet twice this morning!!!!! Oh I wish I was quicker with the camera - you should have seen the look on Harriet's face.

  2. Sometimes the unexpected gives us a chance to do things we wouldn't ordinarily be doing! I hope your blood draw turns out well. My pulmo dismissed me saying he didn't have any idea what was wrong(tests show very mild astma)... Still having breathing difficulty but have dumped all the meds except the rescue in haler. Maybe the side effects have exacerbated the problem? I see another doctor as soon as I can fit in and she says maybe we should be looking at alternative meds. I'm ready. In the meanwhile I am making dolls and enjoying the diversion! LOL. Just need to get my strength back. Take care ...Jan