Saturday, April 4, 2009

This has been a week of great pleasure for me as my left eye had the laser treatment and as of today I can finally say I can see again. It took a long time for it to get back to normal as it seemed to stay dilated for a long time. Tomorrow I am going to try to read as I have spent most of the winter(since Christmas) not able to read for more than a line or two at a time. We also made up our mind to try and start using up some of our older supplies in our refrigerator freezer.Lets hope if anyone shows up to eat who knows what they will end up with. Could be a surprise for everyone. The last two days here have been rainy and cold,now it looks as though there might be a snow flake showing through. We really do not need that at this time of year when I want to put my planters on the deck. My husband is now curled up in his lounge chair watching his favorite sport. The New York Yankee Baseball Game. That is one sport he really enjoys. I also like to watch Syracuse,N.Y. College basketball. Of course that is over with for this season. I also have an order for a two color doiley to crochet. Would like to finish that soon as I have had it started for quite awhile. Just got our new car registration in the mail today so we are good to drive for another two years. It seems as though that two years goes really fast. Will let you know later in the week how the reading and is progressing. Lilly


  1. Lilly, I am happy to hear that your eyes are clearing up. I cannot believe you have some snow flurries. After a week of rain and storms, we finally have bright blue skies and 70 degrees today. What a welcome sight the sun is! I would love to know more about your crochet.
    You are always kind to ask about Harriet. She has been in her outside dog pen all afternoon enjoying the sunshine. She has a ramp that she can run up and sit on so she can see. She's so short, without the ramp she can't see anything!

  2. We've had snow here as well...ugh! I am really ready for spring!
    We are Red Sox fans here!!!

  3. Jan,Today we had NO SNOW. It has only been flurries but very discouraging. I did go out today and bought a few things for my daughter to take with her to Mississippi next week. Can't get to much or someone will say I am spoiling a baby who isn't here yet. My grandaughter is in the Air Force in Biloxi. She is a pharmacy Tec.Hope you have a wonderful Easter . Are you feeling better? Yankees won today so my husband was elated. Our grandson is a Red Sox Fan. Lilly