Friday, October 30, 2009

On Tuesday evening I wrote quite a long message on my blog and something ate it. I can't find it and it was never published. Maybe it hs something to do with Halloween. Yesterday (Thursday) we decided to do our weekly errands, even though it ws misty and very warm and humid. We still had one more store to go to ,to finish my weekly shoppping but when I got in the car from going to the bank I told my husband please take me home. I was totally exhausted. Maybe today we can finish up if he is doing ok. November 7th my daughter in Bingham is getting married in a small church ceremony. I hust sent her a small check from us to help buy her wedding cake. We are not able to make the trip there so that is the best can do. Will be a sad day for me but guess I will get over it. It is raining here and quite chilly today so I guess I had better start looking for some warmer clothes for outside. Our flowers are all gone and the trees are mostly bare. It is really quite a difference from a couple of weeks ago. I am going to try to publish this post and if it disappears I might be very unhappy!!! HAPPU HALLOWEEN EVERYONE. LILLY

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

The weather here has been fabulous for most of this week. I think it has been in the 70's for the last three days. After lunch today we are going to go for a ride. That will be nice as we might be able to see some colorful fall foliage. Tonight is the last night of the Yankee playoffs in California. When they play out there it is so late when the game is over I ususally go to bed and watch it in the bedroom. The new super WalMart store opened here last Wednesday and on Tuesday of this week my husband took me up there and it is really very nice. The asiles are wide and the lighting is very bright. Guess I had better go hang up some clothes that we do not like to put in the dryer. lilly

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Yesterday (Wednesday) was a very tiring day as we spent most of it at the Vascular Doctors office in Rochester but the visit went well and I do not have to go back for several months unless something goes wrong with my artificial bypass. One of the girls came up from Binghamton and drove us so that was a big help. After the doctors visit we took her out for a late lunch. She wanted to go to Red Lobster so we all ordered something different and had a tasters choice. Very nice but a little pricey. Oh well doesn't happen very often. Now next month it is of to the plumonary clinic. That is always a very interesting visit. I really do like my doctor there and he is always helpful if I haven't been having good breathing days. This evening one of the girls I used to work with called and we're going to have lunch with her tomorrow. Sure do hope it is warmer than it has been today. I'll soon have to get my scarf out to cover my nose and mouth as I cannot breathe in that cold. Have been crocheting some and hope to get more done as the Holidays are fast aproaching and I'm way behind. They changed our phone system over today and I guess it will take some time to get used to some of the things it incorporates. Talk to you again soon and have a great weekend. lilly

Friday, October 9, 2009

Today was to be a quiet Friday with nothing much going on and suddenly I had to have another blood draw as the my last report shows that I'm still anemic. So on the way there my husband needed a new light flannel shirt so we stopped at Kohls and got that and while there I found a bathrobe I liked and I really need a new one so I made good use of a gift card I had. Then it was on to the lab. After that we went to lunch and had a great fish sandwich. Almost more than I could eat as it was served with french fries and coleslaw. As you might guess I ate the fish and left the roll (to much bread for me). My husband ate my coleslaw and I ate some of the french fries ,the remainder went back to the kitchen. Then it was time to head for home and try to relax a little. Now the baseball playoffs are on and supper is in the oven. I guess we are having turkey meatloaf and baked potatoes with cauliflower for a vegetable. Just wrote a letter to our granddaughter in South Carolina. She is really feeling bad as she blew her knee out during cheerleading practice and is missing some school and I am asuming that it is quite painful from what she has said. Well I am going to go see about the progress of supper so I will leave for now. lilly

Monday, October 5, 2009

The weekend end is gone and October is here. I'm not sure where September went ,I thought maybe the rain would stop once October arrived but no such luck.. It rained here most of the weekend and sometimes very hard and it was very cool. My wave petunias had to go to flower heaven as they were looking very straggley. Most of the leaves were frost bitten and the flower part was starting to look brown so off they went and will be refilled next spring. I did make apple crisp on Friday so we did eat that and am now afraid to step on the scales. It was just to cold and wet to do anything outside. I don't mind the cold but by the time we would have got to the car we would hae been soaked. Would like to find another flower to replace the pot we emptied but guess its to late in the season. Today is laundry day and then it will be off to the grocery store. Yesterday evening our neighbor came over and brought us some brown bread that she had made. (very good). I guess it is time now to start looking for candy sales for Halloween. Not sure how many to expect here as our building is quite seculed so maybe we will get lucky and not have to many. My husband likes to buy candy that he likes so whatever is left is his. My baby afagan is done so now I have to find another project to do. will let you all know when I find out what it be. Right now it is a cup of fresh brewed coffee.