Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is turning our to be a busy week. Our weekly trip to Auburn was Wednesdy. The doctors visit,Don't have to go back to that one for 1 year. My husband had to have blood drawn at another doctors office . Then we had had to pick up a new prescription at the medical center. Now it is time for lunch. Appleby's is offering a free meal to veterans so off we go ,only to find you can't even find a parking place so forget that we will buy our own lunch. At least we were together for that. Then it was off to Wegmans where there were offering Turkeys for 39 cents a pound with a $25.00 purchase. Thats not hard to do in today world. Then it was off to the oxygen supply place to get a new filter for my nebulizer. Now we are finally on our way home and its almost supper time,forget that as we aren't hungry. Our supper took place at eight o'clock last night and guess what,by the time dishes were done its almost time for bed. I fell asleep watching a cooking show and finally said good night. Today is wash the sheets and make the bed, go to the bank and have the new script filled and maybe get to relax for awhile. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. lilly


  1. Good Afternoon, So glad you won't have to visit the Dr. again till next year. Glad you got to enjoy lunch together for Veteran's Day. Since it's just the two of us, we have decided to just have baked chicken and dressing for Thanksgiving.
    Harriet and Magic came through their surgeries just fine. I can pick them up after 4:30 this afternoon. I sure do miss them and I know they will be glad to get home and sleep in their own little beds.
    You two enjoy your afternoon.

  2. Good for you...Waiting a year to see that doctor will be good. I so love to hear about the ordinary-ness of you days. I find I do so mujch better when I stick to that idea. Enjoying what you have to do today and not worrying about tomorrow suits me just fine.