Monday, April 27, 2009

As promised I am back again! In 1989 I was asked if I would join the Waterloo Rotary Club. The manager of the bank and I were the first women to be voted into the club. Now starts the interesting part. In my second year as a member I took on the job as treasurer which I held for several years. Then in 1995 I was voted in by the past presidents committe as president for one year. During this year we done many interesting things. Our first foreign exchange student, arrived from Japan, then our first outgoing student went to England.We also started a program to donate food to our local food pantry. Forget to put your membership button on you donated to the food bank. During that year we also started a Holiday Program where the whole Club went to the Nursing Homes to sing Chrisstmas Carols. We also gave each resident a Christmas Card. On Valentines Day our Japenese Student held a formal Tea Party for myself and my husband. We were on our knees for the whole time and I thought I wouldn't be able to get up. In 1991 I was gifted with the highest award that a Rotarian can receive. The Paul Harris Award. I am so very proud of this and hope someday to have one of our family become interested in the Rotary Program. I know I have forgot some things but I am tired. Good Night Lilly

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  1. I enjoyed reading about your honor with the Rotary Club. That must have been very enjoyable and rewarding work.