Monday, June 29, 2009

I just left the doctors office and I had to write and let you know what I saw that about blew my mind.
A young teenage girl came into the office with short shorts on two different knee socks,two different shoes and two different shoe laces. Is this a new trend? Or where the parents still in bed when she left the house. Either that or I'm older than I think. Enjoy the rest of your day as I sure do have some funny things to think about. lilly

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today was another hot and humid day here until the sky finally opened up and it poured that heavenly rain that we have been blessed with all week. Didn't do much for the humudity but it has cooled off some. Our Grandaughter stopped in today to pick up some things to take to her Mom in Binghamton and to check on her baby blanket that I am crocheting. Someday I will get a camera so I can let everyone see what I do make. But then I will have to have one of the girls show me how to put the pictures on the message. I'm to old for all this new fangled stuff. They used to say say retirement was the golden age but I have yet to find the gold but I sure am enjoying being able to do some things when i want to. Packing and getting ready for the move is coming along nicely and hope to make the big one about the 12th of July. ,I am so thankful that my husband is able to do most of this move himself as I am just not able to help much. The pool at our complex opened today and I was about ready to go dangle my feet in the water when the rain came so will have to that another day. Another grandaughter and her boyfriend are supposed to come over this coming weekend. Hope they don't mind our mess. Thankfully the living room is pretty much intact. It is supposed to get cooler and the humudity is supposed to go away so maybe we will all have a better week. The deck flowers are blooming nicely and the tomatoes are growing and now I also have a pot of basil so my small garden tends to give me something to do. Hope everyone has a good week. lilly

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I received my All YOU magazine and that is the only magazine I subscribe to as it isually has more coupons in it that are worth more than the magazine costs. We have one daughter who subscribes to more magazines than you can imagine so when she is done with them they always come home to Mom, I get the enjoyment of reading then and the only cost is taking them to the recycle when I.m done with them or pass them on to someone else. My patio flowers and tomato plant are thriving nicely and all ready have 5 tomatoes on my plant. Can't wait until we have a ripe tomato that isn't store bought. Our apartment is looking really bare and if you count boxes as decorations I have plenty of them. Thank God the furniture can't be boxed up or I would be looking for a place to sit. Have a great day tomorrow as I'm going to see if the bedroom is still intact. lilly

Monday, June 22, 2009

Yesterday being Fathers Day we were a very busy household. It all started at 7:45Am when the first of eight daughters called. Then it was on to breakfast with another daughter and her husband and their grandaughter. Then it was on to another daughters home where more of the girls had gathered and had a picnic for Dad and to give him his gift. Five of the children had gone together and bought him a new gas grill that we will be able to use at the new apartment. In between times our cell phone never quit ringing with messages from the other girls. By 8:30pm I was exhausted and ready to head for home and get ready for bed. The ankles are swollen and breathing is at a premium as the humudity was terrible. So glad that my husband had a great day. I also want to say that nothing could take away from the joy of having a father as caring as mine was. He was only with us for a short time as he went to another place higher up and more peaceful at the tender age of 42. Thank you Dad for all the the many things you taught me. I still find myself missing him so very much. Time to go and thank all Fathers in this world for the many things they brought to our families. Lilly

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yesterday I went and got my hair trimmed or so I thought. But it looks more like a hair cut to me, oh well that should last for a couple of months. Today one of the girls and our grandaughter are coming over and pick up the doll house that my husband made for me and I helped to wall paper and furnish the inside. Just won't have room for it at the new apartment. Also have an afagan I made for our granddaughters daaaughter so they will also take that home. Then I have to go to the doctors and have the shingles shot. I often wonder how did we do all this extra stuff when we were working every day. The girls said they would bring lunch with them and my husband made homemade soup so now all I have to think about is the evening meal. Maybe I'll just have SKIP. That sure would be different. Got to get busy. Hello to everyone and will write more later. lilly

Sunday, June 14, 2009

This has been a busy week. Spent one day in Rochester having all kinds of tests done and not sure what they are going to do about with what they have found but something good I hope. I don't like this Lazy Chair Syndrom. Have tried to help my husband do some packing but I'm about as helpful as nothing so the best thing for me to do is stay out of his way. Today one of the girls and her husband brought us dinner as they cannot come on Fathers Day so we celebrated with them today. They brought the new Kentucky Grilled Chicken and it was very good. They also brought all the trimmings with it so we had a good afternoon with them. Lots of good converstion and a few laughs also. This evening we will just have a sandwich of some kind as dinner wasn't that long ago. The doiley I'm making is almost finished so then I will have to start on the baby afagan for the new great grandchild. He is expected the end of September. Exciting times are on the way. Samantha has already picked out the pattern she would like . Maybe I will go yarn hunting this week. Well my fingers are not tracking right so instead of correcting all the time I will close for now and write again later in the week. Lilly

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I have to thank someone for help in getting this darn super glue off my fingers. Maybe it was the dish soap, the nail polish remover or the D&L handcleaner. I'm not sure who it was but thanks anyway. Today was spent in Rochester having a mirage of tests done and I didn't feel good when I got up so it was not a pleasant day but both of us were utterly wiped out by the time we got home. Now comes the wait for the results. It is raining here now and it is s nice soft rain so maybe it will help people with gardens that were drying up. Our apartment building is very quiet tonight so everyone must have turned in early,so guess maybe I will do the same. Good nite. Lilly

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today I tried to start packing my curio cabinet. What a job that turned out to be. I finished one shelf. Only small items but very fragil. Guess who broke a piece off one iem and tried to super glue it back and glued more of my fingers that the item so I finally gave up and now I have super glue all over my fingers. Oh well It will wear off soon. (I Hope) Got a call back from the plumonary dept. at Strong Memorial Hospital and have to go in Thursday for a bunch of tests. So That will mean a whole day in Rochester. That is about one and a half hours from here. Wouldn't be to bad but is is supposed to rain Thursday. Maybe I can accomplish more tomorrow. At least I did get supper tonight and that was about the only productive thing I've done. Talk to you again soon. Lilly

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today has not been a very productive day for me as the breathing has been a problem. My husband has been busy all day and even went out to the Dollar Tree to get me some tissue paper so I can start to wrap up my curio cabinet and he came home with another car full of boxes. The big move will be here before I know it so I had better get feeling better and be more help to him. I did cook a roast beef for supper and have enough left so we can have hot beef sandwiches for supper tomorrow. Now is the time for me to say good night and use the nebulizer for the last time today. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone. Lilly

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today has ended up to be a busy day. We got a phone call a bout 11:30 saying my glasses were ready to be picked up. So about quarter of twelve we left to go into the busy part of our small city to get the glasses. Now remember we have already done the laundry. It is now 5:30 and the clean sheets are still not on the bed. We were just getting ready to walk out the door when one of the girls called and said she was coming to Auburn and would meet us for lunch at Arby's. Their new flat bread sandwich is very good. Comes with fries and a drink for 5.00. Now at a bad deal. More than enough for this old girl. Cheryl came back home with us for a visit and then one our neigh bors who has moved to a senior home stopped by to visit as she heard we are moving. Now it is time to start supper and neither one of us is hungry. Guess maybe we will have desert and tea a little later. MY ears are starting to get sore so maybe I will need an adjustment on the new glasses. This weekend is Founders Day here in Auburn, Paper says Sarah Palin is gpoing to be here for a visit and will be making a couple of speeches. Guess maybe we will stay home and not venture uptown this weekend. Tomorrow is one of the girls birthday , I have already sent her a card and gift certificate to WalMart which I am sure she will use to get a new summer outfit. OK I'm off to heat water for the teapot and scrounge up some desert. LILLY

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hopefully today my new glasses will be in and I will be able to see how many typo's I make in one blog settting!! I only had to get the part that increased my ability to read. Not that I ever learn very much but what I choose to remember is very interesting and sometimes funy. This past weekend we started sorting and what a mess. My husband (Mr. Bob) put his back out or maybe it is his hip. Or Who knows it could be both.It has been rather chilly and quite cool for this time of year. We really need to have some sunshine. The coffee has finished brewing so I guess I shall indulge in a cup of that and a breadfast bar. Sometime today someone will read this and answer and give me something to answer. Have a GREAT DAY. Lilly