Sunday, August 30, 2009

I guess I have been a little on the lazy side as I haven't wrote much during the month of August. Today is rainy and quite cool here.Yesterday we had thunder storms and very heavy rain at times. There was one quite nice spell so we rode to Sears in Auburn to buy a new food chopper as mine quit with no warning. My recliner chair also bit the dust this week so we have been trying to do some home repair on that and finally got that usable again and then today a spring let loose while I was sitting in it nad we did manage to get that hooked back up. Who knows what will happen next. The shaking hands are really a problem today. I have been trying to crochet some on the baby blanket as it is impossible to hold a book still enough to read. I gave up on that when I read the same line twice. It almost sems like fall again today and that seems to be early for that type of weather. I'm sure we will have more hot and humid days before fall really sets in. Have to write more later but my supper is about ready so I will bend your ears later. lilly

Monday, August 24, 2009


Well today is laundry day again. The clothes hamper is full amd the dresser drawers are getting low. Friday as I previously wrote my nephew and family were here to visit and I really enjoyed that as we have not had a one on one in a long time. Then on Saturday I made Apple Crisp and another daughter and her family came to visit and we had a shared supper together. We had had steak on the grill and Kathy made potato salad. We also had a great game of cards which was very relaxing. The men also got to watch a baseball game which my husbands team lost . The kids left early so we also retired early. Sunday I said I wonder what will happen today and nothing unusual happened so we both took an afternoon rest. I cooked a pork roast with potatoes and gravy . We also had steamed squash and carrots. Seems like we eat like queens and kings around here. Kathy(one of our daughters) also figured out how to put some of my crochet work up so people can see that. That shows how to keep your fingers busy and what several people get for Christmas presents. Have to go tend the coffee pot so will hear from everyone later. lilly

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Friday, August 21, 2009

I am very happy now that my very pretty flowers are showing on the top of my blog spot. Our daughter and son-in law were kind enough to do this for me. These are the flowers that I was growing on our deck in Auburn. My bachlor buttons had to be disposed of last week as they were begining to look like straw. Today I rode to GEneva with my husband and went into the Wegmans store there for the first time. I thought the one in Auburn was big but this one is even bigger. I was happy to get out of there and a good thing he was pushing the wheel chair or I would still be looking to kind my way out. While we were in there one of the girls who used to work for me in the bank suddenly appeared and was very glad to see her. Tonight one of my nephews and his family came to visit and brought their daughter with them who has adopted a little boy from China who has downs syndrom .. Very cute child and sometime in Setpember she and her husband are getting a seven year girl with down syndrom. Well guess I have jabbered enoough for one night so I will close for now. lilly

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Yesterday was the check up day at the doctors. Everything went fine and do not have to return to that doctor until September. I have one aide coming on Thursday and the Nurse coming on Friday and if they agree that I can do a few things for myself that Agency will be released. They only thing that really bothers me is my hands shaking when I try to do something. We did have some rain yesterday and it did cool down some but the humudity is still up there. Just ordered a new bathrobe from J c Pennys on line and I have never done that so I hope the final results are good. I think today is grocery day by the looks of our fridge. Mighty low on several items. Good thing you can't see the shaking when I type or you would think that you needed new glasses. lilly

Sunday, August 16, 2009

We have stayed in all day today it has been so blasted hot and humid!! It is now 5:30pm and is still 91 degrees and very humid. Today is the first day since coming home that I have tried any actual cooking and I have made a zuchinni caserolle. It has hamburg, onion, garlic, zuchinni ,tomatoes and mozeralla cheese and then put into a 350 degree oven to bake. It took me a long time to assemble this and now I am exhausted. Hope it is good. Tomorrow my husband is going to his class reunion but I don't think I could stay at the restaurant for that long so I am going to have him take me to one of the girls house which is on his way and I will wait there for him. Hope everyone has had a good weekend and willl hope to hear from you soon. lilly

Friday, August 14, 2009

It has been very hot and humid here the past few days and supposed to continue through the weekend. I really don't mind the heat but the humudity is terible!! We do have central air in the new apartment so that is a big help,at nighttime we usually shut it off when we gp tp bed and just turn on the fan and that is enough for sleeping.One of the ocupational therapist was finished coming as of today as the exercises she gave me to do really made my back hurt worse than usual. Luckily I was able to bring my flower pot from the deck when we moved and I wish you could see the beautiful petunias I have overflowing the pot. There is also dusty miller in the pot and a tall varigated spike. It has been a wonderful Mothers Day Gift. I also had a tomato plant but I gave that to one of my friends uptown in Auburn and she said she has already got at least five tomatoes from it. One of our son in laws brought all kinds of fresh vegetables yesterday and so did one of the other girls so I do not have to buy fresh veggies for awhile. Went outside for a short walk on the sidewalk with one of the therapist today and got a bit of that hot humid air but it was nice to be outside. Yesterday my husband had to go into Geneva so I rode with him and that was nice just to get in the car for a ride. While we were there we stopped by the lake and had an ice cream . Will write again soon and hopefully be back on a normal schedule soon. lilly

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am going to try this again tonight and hopefully my hands will not shake to much.It really doesn't seem like I have been gone for twelve days but I guess anything is possible when you aren't able to do to anything. First off it is great to be home from the hospital. Today was filled with physical therapy,occupational thearpy, visiting nurse and an aid who helped me get a shower.She will come twice a week to help me with that. Then my hairdresser came and washed and cut my hair so now I am begining to feal somewhat human again.Well my hands are starting to shake again so I won't be on here much longer. Wanted to touch base with everyone and say BIG HELLO to everyone, lilly