Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Time seems to have a way of slipping by so fast lately I can't keep up. Maybe it is because I am tired and I seem to to be sleepy at times when I should be awake.The nurse comes three times a week and the aide tiwce a week so that keeps me busy some of the time. The weather here has been mostly sunny and above freezing until tonight when we are supposed to be getting a bad storm moving in. I do have a new doctor who is taking care of my left arm now and he seems to be quite knowledgeable in the care of this certain wound. Quite possibly I might have to have surgery sometime within the next three weeks but I am hoping this new treatment works. I think the best news we have had is that another greatgrandchild is ging to bless us sometime this spring. I am about ready to give up counting and just enjoy them as they arrive. Then I stop and think how enjoyable Christmas will be with all these little people blessing our holiday. It is time for a Hallmark Movie to come on so I will sign off and write more another time. lillly

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sorry I have been away for so long but an extended hospital stay in Rochester, N.Y. has kept me from doing to much of anything. I don't have much strength in my left arm and hand so hope everyone understands. It has been bitterly cold here but not much of any snow. They can not get my arm to heal so now they arm going to put a wound vac on it. Never heard of this before but guess I will soon find out what it is. One of our girls is coming to visit this afternoon with our teenage granddaughter and another granddaughter is coming to visit also so guess we will have a busy day. My husband baked yesterday as one of the girls and her husband came to visit and brought lunch so he cone the dessert. Later in the day a nephew came with his girlfriend and his three children so there went our Saturday. Well Once again I Wish Everyone A Happy Valentines Day and hope to hear form everyone very soon. Lilly