Sunday, December 6, 2009

I tried writing yesterday but kept getting kicked off so decided to wait until today and try again. We have had a busy week as one day I felt really good so we went to Ithaca, N.Y. Christmas shopping. That is the first time I have used the electric cart to shop. Quite an experiemce. Very helpful. That trip took place pn Thursday. Wednesday our daughter from Binghamton came up to see us and brought our new great grandson with her. For lunch Mr. Bob, her and my self made homemade pizza. Turned out really good. Then on Friday another great granddaughter was born. Her name is Hailey Marie. I sure hope this family growth ends soon as I can't keeep track of them all. It is only 28 degrees here this morning. Yesterday we decorated inside for Christmas. Then I decorated the outside of our apartment door as it is a fire dooe so all my magnets and decorations stuck to it with no probllem. Coffee is ready so guess I will go fill my cup and read the Sunday newspapaer. lilly


  1. Sorry Lilly but those babies will keep coming!!!
    I am glad you got out and the one time I needed the electirc cart I found it very helpful in terms of conserving my energy. I went out with husband yesterday but got very tired very quickly.
    Today we woke to about 7 inches of snow. Everything is so pretty covered with the white stuff.
    Enjoy your coffee. I am already for a second cup!

  2. Congrats on the latest baby great granddaughter. Glad you enjoyed getting out for some Christmas shopping. Sounds like you have had a good week. We had snow flurries Sat. and today we awoke to a chilly 28*!!!

    Enjoy your coffee and the paper.

  3. Hi Lilly,
    I can't seem to send mail with the address you gave me so:
    Jan Beane
    PO Box 1
    Waite, Maine 04492