Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our monitor has now been delegated to a card table with the tower placed on the floor and the printer is also on the card table. Not like our usual place for all these items but at least we are still usuable.Today has been rather cold here but no rain. That is a milestone if I ever saw one. We have had so much rain yesterday it was laying in puddles on the lawn. Yesterday afternoon one of the girls stopped by and brought goodies for both her Dad and myself. They are all so thoughtful it is hard to tell sometimes who belongs to who. Tomorrow I would like ot go to WalMart and see about buying some new shelf paper. I guess I have to give in and use one of their electric carts as it is to hard for my husband to push me in the wheel chair all the time. It is time for me to get ready for bed so I will close for now and hope tomorrow is a little wamer than today. Lilly


  1. I know you will be glad to get moved and settled. A friend of mine talked me into buying a roll of discounted wall paper from Home Depot for $3 and it covers shelves just fine. Sure saves money. Hope you rest well.

  2. I wish some one would send rain our way.

    Good luck on your shelf paper search.

    Mountain Mama