Thursday, June 4, 2009

Today has ended up to be a busy day. We got a phone call a bout 11:30 saying my glasses were ready to be picked up. So about quarter of twelve we left to go into the busy part of our small city to get the glasses. Now remember we have already done the laundry. It is now 5:30 and the clean sheets are still not on the bed. We were just getting ready to walk out the door when one of the girls called and said she was coming to Auburn and would meet us for lunch at Arby's. Their new flat bread sandwich is very good. Comes with fries and a drink for 5.00. Now at a bad deal. More than enough for this old girl. Cheryl came back home with us for a visit and then one our neigh bors who has moved to a senior home stopped by to visit as she heard we are moving. Now it is time to start supper and neither one of us is hungry. Guess maybe we will have desert and tea a little later. MY ears are starting to get sore so maybe I will need an adjustment on the new glasses. This weekend is Founders Day here in Auburn, Paper says Sarah Palin is gpoing to be here for a visit and will be making a couple of speeches. Guess maybe we will stay home and not venture uptown this weekend. Tomorrow is one of the girls birthday , I have already sent her a card and gift certificate to WalMart which I am sure she will use to get a new summer outfit. OK I'm off to heat water for the teapot and scrounge up some desert. LILLY


  1. Hello Lilly, I hope you will enjoy your new glasses. Glad to hear about Arby's new sandwich being good. We have some coupons and we'll have to try one soon.
    Your tea and dessert sounds very good to me. It's rainy and cooler this evening.
    Hope that you both rest well tonight.
    Take care.

  2. Sounds like a busy day Evelyn. (I am posting this under your name to check out your comment feature.) Jan

  3. Thanks for the info. Have a letter here I would like you to read as I do not understand it. Lilly

  4. Can you see again? I need some new ones badly but am stalling!