Monday, April 27, 2009

Hard to believe but it is almost the end of April. Our weather here for the past few days has been in the very high 80's. Today our thermometer is standing at 92'0. We should be having this kind of weather in July. Now on with my story. I had only been working at the bank for a short amount of time when I was asked if I would care to be of the Board of Directors for the American Institute of Banking. What a surprise but I certainly did enjoy my time serving on the board. The only problem was I had to drive about 22 miles to get to the meeting that met a 7:30 am. That made for a long day but lots of good information to put into use at our bank. I done this for about five years and then decided to turn my chair over to someone else as I had another project I was involved in and I needed to spend more time learning about that organization I will stop for now as I need to gather my thoughts on how I want to proceed with my next endeavor.Will write more later tonight. lilly

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