Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today we made the final arrangements for our move. We will actually start moving on the 15th and the movers will be here for the rest of our furniture and boxes on the 16th. We were at the new apartmant today and they were in the process of painting the whole thing. Tomorrow they are bringing in a new refrigerator which made me very happy because there was no fridge there. They did let us put many things in our storage room whichis on the upper level of the building. They are also laying a new bathroom floor as the one there is in terrible shape. Then we were off to the cable vision place to get that all set up and were finally on our way home when we decided to stop at the bank I had worked at and order new checks and a new address stamp and of course had to visit with old customers and we personally know the customer service lady so to much time was spent there. Then it was time to start our treck home. Supper was a hot roast sandwich with apple sauce on the side at 8:00 tonight and now I am ready for bed. Talk to you all again another day. Lilly

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