Wednesday, September 16, 2009

As of Friday afternoon our telephone service decided to take a vacation from us using it. Called the phone company on the cell phone and they said no repair until sometime on Monday as it was too late in the day. It seems like they want their monthly bill paid on time or we get a late charge. The phone didn 't bother me so much as not being able to use the computer. I love to read what everyone else writes (i'm only a little nosey). I probably wouldn't be like that but I'm confined to my chair so much it keeps me occupied. We did have a busy weekend planned with the children so the time went by fairly rapidly. On Sunday we went to Sampson AirBase where my husband took his Naval Training . Once there one of the son in laws wheeled me in my wheelchair and the visit was very informative. Guess I forgot Saturday. One of the other girls had a yard sale and we had several things we had put in as they were items from when we moved. Then on Monday while waiting for the phone company my husband went to the golf tournament that is held every year in honor of our great grandaughter who was killed in an acident six years ago. Then every year a senior from her school is awarded a scholarship . About 1:30 they finally got our phone repaired so when he came home to check on me I was ready to go with him to the golfcourse for supper and visit with several members of the family and friends. Thank God for walkers and wheel chairs.

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  1. Hi Lilly'
    I miss my computer when it is not working...its great for filling time when you need to be sitting and resting. I'm glad yours is back!