Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Morning Everyone,
It is 50 degrees here now but when I got up it was very cold. The frost on the cars was very heavy. Thankfully I ddidn't have to go out early this morning. Yesterday I had a doctors appointment in Rochester so we were gone most of the day. After seeing the doctor we went to the Christmas Tree Store. It is hard to shop because I have to have someone push me in the wheel chair and that is not the easiest way to shop. We didn't have lunch until about 1:00 so we weren't to hungry at supper time. We both had a sandwich, cottagecheese and applesauce and we were happy senior citizens. Saturday some of the girls are coming home as Thursday is Mr. Bob's birthday. I am baking the cake and the girls are bringing food of somekind. I also have pepperoni and cheese so I will make a sanck tray of that with some crackers. I bought myself a new black and decker electric mixer with the dough hooks so I have to see what I can make with that. It's now time for morning meds so will sign off for now. lilly


  1. The Christmas Tree store sounds like a pretty place to visit. I know it will be fun to have everyone together for Mr. Bob's birthday. Let us know how you like that new mixer. Hope you have a nice day and that it warms up considerably.

  2. G'eve, Lilly ~ Mildred sent me your note you posted on her blog as she thought you might be writing to me ... the Feedsack lady, Marydon.

    I loved reading about your memories of feedsack clothing made from chicken feed bags. i have approx. 3,000 of these beauties. I remember Mother & G'ma, also, making tablecloths, clothes, tea towels,quilts. etc., & braid rugs from the smaller pieces.

    Pop over & join me at my blog site ~
    blushingroseboutique.blogspot.com. I'll follow you.

    Happy birthday to Mr. Bob. Hope you can figure out that new mixer, they are pretty nifty machines nowadays.

    TTFN ~Marydon