Monday, December 14, 2009

Well here it is Dec.14th and I am not ready for Christmas. We have been having so much company on weekends that what little cleaning I am capable of doing is not getting done. My furniture has a new finish that is called dust so I tell the grandchildren do not touch or you will have to clean it. This last Saturday our newest great grandaughter came to visit with her parents and one of her Aunts. Hailey Marie was born December 4,2009. So tiny and I actually held her most of the time they were here. Our weather has been very cold and rainy but very little snow. Today one of the daughters is coming to visit this morning and will be here for lunch. I am making turkey salad for sandwiches as that is one thing she really likes. Then when she leaves if the weather stays decent I might go finish my Christmas shopping. Our tree is up and the rest of the decorations are in place so at least I have that much done. Friday I baked cookies and they are all gone so will have to do that all over again. Maybe later this week that will happen. Well I have to get clothes ready to laundery so will leave for now. Have a great day . lilly


  1. How precious to get to hold Hailey Marie. Hope you have a good visit with your daughter today. You'll have to share with us what cookies you decide to bake later in the week.
    Merry Christmas to you and your entire family.

  2. Oh How I love the gift you sent me. It is beautiful. Thank you so much.

    Relax and enjoy the holidays...what gets done, gets done...