Monday, October 5, 2009

The weekend end is gone and October is here. I'm not sure where September went ,I thought maybe the rain would stop once October arrived but no such luck.. It rained here most of the weekend and sometimes very hard and it was very cool. My wave petunias had to go to flower heaven as they were looking very straggley. Most of the leaves were frost bitten and the flower part was starting to look brown so off they went and will be refilled next spring. I did make apple crisp on Friday so we did eat that and am now afraid to step on the scales. It was just to cold and wet to do anything outside. I don't mind the cold but by the time we would have got to the car we would hae been soaked. Would like to find another flower to replace the pot we emptied but guess its to late in the season. Today is laundry day and then it will be off to the grocery store. Yesterday evening our neighbor came over and brought us some brown bread that she had made. (very good). I guess it is time now to start looking for candy sales for Halloween. Not sure how many to expect here as our building is quite seculed so maybe we will get lucky and not have to many. My husband likes to buy candy that he likes so whatever is left is his. My baby afagan is done so now I have to find another project to do. will let you all know when I find out what it be. Right now it is a cup of fresh brewed coffee.

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  1. Good Morning, That apple crisp sure would be good with a cup of coffee! Here in Georgia, pansies will survive the winter temps but the deer always eat all of mine! Do you like to grow indoor plants? Maybe an African Violet would be fun during the cold months. We had rain overnight and it is forecast for today. It will give my sore muscles time to rest before I do more yard work! By the way, Harriet has been mothering Magic but the last time Magic tried to eat Harriet's dog food, Harriet growled at him!!!!