Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Good Morning, It is a little foggy here this morning but is supposed to burn off rather quickly and be almost 80 degrees. It was also very nice yesterday and had to have the air conditioning for awhile. One of the girls I grew up with came to visit yesterday and brought another friend of ours with her. They brought us a beautiful fruit basket with everything in it that we like. The surprising thing is that on Monday my husband and gone shopping and brought home fresh fruit. That is one one my downfalls. Can't seem to keep my hands off that fresh fruit. Now I have plenty here for a couple of weeks. Apples, oranges,pears,grapes and banannas. I had made egg and olive for sandwiches and also tuna fish along with chips for our lunch. There was not enough time for all the conversation that we had to talk about so will have to do that again soon. After they left we went to see about getting our phone service changed as we can only call the next town without it being long distance and that is getting to be very expensive so once that was done it was a stop at the grocery store to buy bread and than home to crash as we were both exhausted. Now my hands are getting very shaky so gusess I'd better leave for now. Lilly

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  1. How nice to have lunch with friends and the fresh fruit sounds delicious! Have a nice day!