Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I really don't believe this but the sun is really shinning. It is still very cold but at least the rain has stopped. Tomorrow my brother in law is coming for early dinner, We are having roast beef with mushroom and gravy with mashed potatoes and cauliflower for a vegetable. He is bringing elderberry pie for dessert. How does that sound for a couple of unneeded pounds. Just put our income tax in the mail so should have that back in a couple of weeks. (Hopefully) I have been having a lot of trouble with my key board and mouse so I have to keep going back and read what is printed as it sometimes likes to print double letters. Probably needs a good cleaning. Do have a can of compressed air so think maybe a I will try that. lilly

Monday, January 25, 2010

I just realized that I have not been on the computer since Jan. 10th. I really am getting out of touch with the world I guess, We have beeen having a lot of company since I have been able to receive visiitors. When I first came home from the hospital I still had that darn infection that was contagious so no one came and now it really seem good to see people. I still have the visiting nurse twice a week and the aide twice a week. On the days the nurse doesn't come Mr. Bob repacks my arm and puts a new dressing on. (Maybe he should get a Nursing Degree,) We have been having a tremendous amount of rain here and the weather is supposed to change starting today. Most of our snow is gone and I bet we are about ready to get a whopper of a snow storm from the way the weather report looks. Tomorrow we have to go into Auburn so I can get some blood work done and I have got some gift cards from Kohls so maybe I'll stop there and see about getting a new pair of slacks. Last night our neighbor upstgairs brought us a big dish of homemade lasagna so that was our supper tonight with a nice green slad to go with it. No dessert but some nice orange sections that Mr. Bob had peeled. Right now he is watching a basketball game on TV so I am making good use of my time on the computer. Hope everyone is well and I am looking foreward to maybe finding some new friends to visit through my blog site. Stay warm everyone.. lilly

Sunday, January 10, 2010

This was one of our busiest Saturdays we have had in a long time. First our niece came to visit and we enjoyed a lunch made by my husband .She brought us a new puzzle to work on and will probably take a month to finish. Then one of our daughters arrived with our granddaughterand then the door bell rung once again and it was my brother and his wife. Our apartment is quite small and we suddenly had people sitting on the floor but what an enjoyable time we all had. My brother brought us two homemade chicken pot pies that he had made last weekend and froze so we enjoyed them tonight for our supper. He is truly a great cook. I could only manage to eat half of mine so you can guess what lunch is for tomorrow. We really didn't expect any company as the temperature was close to 0- degrees and our car doors were froze shut. Today has been very quiet and the sun was shining most of the afternoon so our car doors became unthawed... Hopefully tomorrow is a little warmer as we do have to go out and this cold doesn't help the breathing especially if the wind is blowing. Hope everyone has a good week. lilly

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Good Morning, It is now 7:00 AM and it is raining here. Sometime today it is supposed to snow and then rain some more. Right now it is 21 degrees so that is the warmest it has been in several days. My fingers are working some better now so I have started to crochet another doily. I know it will take a long time to finish it even though it is quite small but I can only work for a short time on it as the fingers start shaking again. They are supposed to come work on our bathroom sink sometime today as the faucet doesn't work right. Saturday my neice is coming over and so is one of the girls with our granddaughter,that will be a busy day and than on Sunday my brother and his wife are coming over and bringing homemade chicken pot pies. Oue neighbor to the back of us is always sending food over. Yesterday it was baked beans with bacon. I guess we will never starve and it does help my husband so he doesn't have to fix so much food. Guess I'd better go and get ready for the day. lilly

Saturday, January 2, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE, Sorry I wasn't home to wish Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before now but I have been paying a very necessary visit to one of our local hospitals with a very serious invection in my arm. Did have to have some minor surgery surgery on the left arm and and now also have a picc line in my right arm so I am slightly disabled and the nursing nursing service comes in twice daily to dress the wound and also administer meds through the picc once a day. The weather here is is very cold but not an awful lot of snow. We did have a nice Holiday and yesterday my husband fixed me a special dinner of scallops, brown rice and acorn squash with a dish of peaches for desert. What a lucky lady I am. Right now he is of to the store to pick up a few groceries and then to the drugstore to get meds. Sometime today I am going to work on a puzzle that we have started. I really would like to crochet some but guess that is out for right now as my hands seem to be shaking quite a bit. Did everyone stay up to see the second new moon and to bring in the New Year? I was up but forgot to look out to see if I could find the second new moon. I did see the ball come down on television.. With that information I will leave you for this time and write again later in the new week. lilly