Saturday, March 28, 2009

The eye surgery is over with and I am seeing some better but not perfect yet as I have to have the left eye done on the 2nd of April. Then I really should be able to see perfectly again. Today was a surprising day as girl friend I worked with stopped in to see us and while she was here a knock came on the door and when my husband opened the door there stood my grandaughter from South Carolina. Her mother was with her but stayed behind so Jerri Lynn could surprise us. Her older sis was also here. She works for and accountant in Webster, N.Y. Eventually someone went to Pizza Hut and brought back pepperoni pizza, wings and bread sticks. We had planned on having homemade pea soup but it seems like no one cares for that but the two old people. We also had bologna for sandwiches but because it was light bologna no one would eat it. So this evening we finished up left overs for our supper. Tomorrow it is roast beef dinner so if anyone is interested let us know and we'll set another place at the table. The weather today has been absoutely beautiful. Probably in the 60's. I even spent some time on our deck with my two grandaughters. Good night for now and will be looking to hear from everyone. LILLY


  1. It sounds like you had a beautiful day to visit with your friend and family members. What nice surprises and the pizza sounds delicious. Hope your eye continues to improve. You should rest well tonight after a busy day.

  2. Hello Lilly, I hope your eyes are improving. I am happy that you enjoyed the post about pink marble. I think that Pink mansion is so very pretty and it was mother's favorite place to visit and have lunch. Miss Harriet is doing fine. She is asleep at my feet after having had green beans for supper! I sure hope you have a nice weekend.