Thursday, June 25, 2009

I received my All YOU magazine and that is the only magazine I subscribe to as it isually has more coupons in it that are worth more than the magazine costs. We have one daughter who subscribes to more magazines than you can imagine so when she is done with them they always come home to Mom, I get the enjoyment of reading then and the only cost is taking them to the recycle when I.m done with them or pass them on to someone else. My patio flowers and tomato plant are thriving nicely and all ready have 5 tomatoes on my plant. Can't wait until we have a ripe tomato that isn't store bought. Our apartment is looking really bare and if you count boxes as decorations I have plenty of them. Thank God the furniture can't be boxed up or I would be looking for a place to sit. Have a great day tomorrow as I'm going to see if the bedroom is still intact. lilly


  1. I always enjoy getting a new magazine in the mail. Nalley got me a free subscription to Martha Stewart magazine.
    I am happy that your plants on the patio are doing well. Will you have a good place for them at the new apartment?
    I know you will be glad to get moved and settled in.

  2. I have one patio tomato in addition to the garden and it, too, has tomatoes (green) on it. I love to get magazines although I never subscribe...I have friend who bring them!