Sunday, July 5, 2009

Good Morning Everyone,
The Fourth of July has now passed us by for another year and I guess it is time for this family to get back to somewhat normal activities. There was a lot of fire works all around us last night. The largest display being at the ball park, and at the park by the lake. Some of the buildings in the complex where we live had their own display. There are 26 buildings in this complex where we still are and each building has 12 apartments in it so you can imagine what it sounded like here. The sun is shinning right now and hopefully it stays that way for one day of the holiday weekend. I guess it is my turn to fix breakfast so I had better get busy before my husband is up and wants to eat and nothing is ready but the coffee. Hope everyone has a wonderful day and a enjoy yourselves. Lilly

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  1. Hi Lilly,
    We had a bit of sun yesterday but it is overcast again today. When is your moving date?