Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today we are recovering from going into Aurburn for the annual Bank Supper. Mr. Bob had Scallops and I had Prime Rib. They passed around a Flat Green vegetable with almonds in which I let pass me by quite quickly. We also started supper with a lovely green salad, Italian bread,our dinner plates came with baked potato. Desert was served buffet style with many choices to choose from. They also gave each couple and envelope with money in it to buy either a soft drink or alcholic drink.We each had a seven up and I almost forgot they also had a table with appetizers. I guess no stone was left unturned. We certainly did enjoy ourself. In fact I had so much prime left we each had a half sandwich for our lunch today. We have had another beautiful day here with temperature reaching into the 50's. I am going to go fill my medicine tray for the coming week before supper so will write later in the week.

Friday, November 27, 2009

I hope eeveryone had a wonderful and meanful Thanksgiving. We spent the afternoon at one of the girls with her husband and mother-in-law and we all enjoyed a Thanksgiving Dinner in the early afternoon. We did leave early as it is hard for us to drive after dark. Of course we came home with enough food to last for the next two days. Now today is a definite down day. I am still doing double water pills and that doesn't seem to be helping very much, so I am enjoying my recliner hoping that keeping my legs and feet up will help the swelling but so far no luck.We both have so many things to be thankful for it would take forever to tell you about all of them. On Wednesday we received a video of our daughters wedding and that made me shed a tear or two. (Maybe three) Her son walked her down the aisle and her daughter stood up with her. Tim's daughter was her only bridesmaid. One of the men that Tim works with stood up with him. Everyone in the wedding party some shade of plum and made for a very attractive wedding. It is is a very dark, damp and dreary day here and not calling for much different weather for the next few days. I give myself another two weeks and then I will not be able to wait any longer to start decorating for Christmas. I don't do a lot but just enough to make it look like a holiday. Hope to hear from everyone soon and I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. lilly

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Now that Tuesday is here we have to go to the store as on Monday all we done was recuperate from the birthday party Saturday. Not really as we done laundry and the usual Monday housework . This week being Thanksgiving we will be going to one of the daughters for dinner and all we have to do is take hot dish to pass . So much different than when everyone was coming home for the holidays. Looking at the pictures that Jan posted from the party I didn't realize how much my face was bloated from medicine. But I guess if I can breathe I will have to live with the chubby cheeks. The weather here is supposed to turn colder and maybe snow before the end of the week. Saturday night is the annual bank Christmas dinner. All retires are invited to any functions like that so we will be going to dinner Saturday evening. Today I am going to make bean soup as I have some broth left from the ham I cooked last week and a few pieces of ham that I will cut up in it. Have to remember to take the ham out of the freezer.Well the curling iron is ready so I had better get busy as my hair is very straight and frizzy. lilly

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Today has been a busy day and I'm sure tomorrow will be a slow down day. Three of the girls were home for their Dad's Birthday and food and beverage was enjoyed by all. Yesterday I made candied pecans,one batch was just candied and the second one was made with just a hint of cinnamon. Also a chocolate cake was made but not frosted until today. That was done with a cream cheese frosting. Then this morning I made a black rasberry crumb cake. We also had cheese and crackers. Guess who forgot to put the sliced pepperoni out. (ME) Oh well I don't think anyone missed it. One of our granddaughters was also here with her two children so we really had a full apartment. The weather here has taken a turn for the cold but a least it is not raining. It is now time for me to gather my thoughts for tomorrow and go watch the news and then off to bed as it is allmost eleven PM. lilly

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Good Morning Everyone,
It is 50 degrees here now but when I got up it was very cold. The frost on the cars was very heavy. Thankfully I ddidn't have to go out early this morning. Yesterday I had a doctors appointment in Rochester so we were gone most of the day. After seeing the doctor we went to the Christmas Tree Store. It is hard to shop because I have to have someone push me in the wheel chair and that is not the easiest way to shop. We didn't have lunch until about 1:00 so we weren't to hungry at supper time. We both had a sandwich, cottagecheese and applesauce and we were happy senior citizens. Saturday some of the girls are coming home as Thursday is Mr. Bob's birthday. I am baking the cake and the girls are bringing food of somekind. I also have pepperoni and cheese so I will make a sanck tray of that with some crackers. I bought myself a new black and decker electric mixer with the dough hooks so I have to see what I can make with that. It's now time for morning meds so will sign off for now. lilly

Thursday, November 12, 2009

This is turning our to be a busy week. Our weekly trip to Auburn was Wednesdy. The doctors visit,Don't have to go back to that one for 1 year. My husband had to have blood drawn at another doctors office . Then we had had to pick up a new prescription at the medical center. Now it is time for lunch. Appleby's is offering a free meal to veterans so off we go ,only to find you can't even find a parking place so forget that we will buy our own lunch. At least we were together for that. Then it was off to Wegmans where there were offering Turkeys for 39 cents a pound with a $25.00 purchase. Thats not hard to do in today world. Then it was off to the oxygen supply place to get a new filter for my nebulizer. Now we are finally on our way home and its almost supper time,forget that as we aren't hungry. Our supper took place at eight o'clock last night and guess what,by the time dishes were done its almost time for bed. I fell asleep watching a cooking show and finally said good night. Today is wash the sheets and make the bed, go to the bank and have the new script filled and maybe get to relax for awhile. Hope everyone has a wonderful day. lilly

Friday, November 6, 2009

Good Morning Everyone.

It is now 7:18 and I guesss I am ready to start the day but I don"t anticipate anything unusual happening. Laundry is done for the week and today I think we might make a trip to the grocery store as the freezer in my refrigerator is mighty slim. Do have a little hamburger but thats about all. The weather has turned cold with a misty rain and supposed to turn to snow flurries. I almost think it is time to start making some soup. Bean sounds good with a little spinach thrown in. Now to much,just enough to give it some color.I just finished one doiliey and am ready to start another. I also would like to read a little while I"m making this next one as my fingers got awfully stiff making the last one without taking a reading break. This Saturday our daughter in Binghamton is getting married. Wish we could go but not possible at this time. They are having a friend make a video so they will send us a CD of the wedding. I'm headed to the kitchen to make my breakfast. Nothing fancy cereal with bluberries in it and some sliced banana that I will put on it. Have a great day. lilly

Monday, November 2, 2009

When I got up this norning at 7:00 it was so foggy I couldn't see across the street. Then the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. Of course now that the time has changed it is dark a 5:00 which makes for a long evening. Tonight at 8:00 the baseball game is on. If the Yankees win the series is over. If they lose it will go on for a couple of more games between the Yankees and Philidelphia. Right now my husband is making macroni and tuna salad. I guess that was a last minute insperaton as it is almost supper time now. The weather man is calling for snow flurries here on Wednesday and Thursday. Tomorrow being election day one of the girls has the day off so her and my husband are taking me for an early dinner someplace. Not sure if Kathy's husband is going or not. Guess maybe I should find something besides jeans to wear. I really do have other clothes.Well I guess I will go get the table ready for supper. May the next time I write we will have had SNOW!!!! lilly