Friday, September 18, 2009

Today has been almost like a typical early fall day. Just a few sprinkles here in this part of New York State and the temperature has been in the high 60's. We have had all the windows open and have been enjoying the fresh air. I have been recliner bound most of the day as a problem with the legs haven't let me be to mobil. Maybe I done to much yesterday as we made our once a week journey to do several errands that we usually try to do together and then we went out to lunch which is always a welcome treat. I'm not sure if I wrote that our new great grandson arrived on September 11th about 11:30 pm. He weighed 7lb3oz. Both baby and Mom are doing well. His name is Aiden Lee. His blanket is finished except for the border which will be done this week. Once this project is finished is finished I have a couple of books to read and then I will get busy making doilies for Xmas gifts. My husband has made goulash for supper so I will have to leave and go eat while the food is hot. lilly


  1. Hi Lilly,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. You ask about dolly sweaters....I have made several colors but blue seems to show up regularly. Folks give me leftover yarn and that's what I use.
    I am trying to rest since I fell down the stairs at a friends house and seemed to have bruised or cracked my ribs. It is very painful although Advil taken round the clock is helping. I see the specialist(lungs) on Monday
    and will try to see my regular doctor if there is no improvement. I am told the cure for bruised ribs guessed! I am well practiced at that!!!!

  2. Hi Jan, Sorry about down the stairs. It is hard enough for us to breathe without having broken or even cracked ribs. I done that once going out our sidewalk before we moved and cracked or brusised ribs are torture. You are right , rest is the only cure!!! They say now that binding a person up causes them to get pnemonia. Good luck and I sure am thinking of you. lilly