Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yesterday was a busy day for us (Saturday) and the humudity ws not condusive to a person with breathing problems. First off it was the normal daily chores to do.Wash my hair, curl something that doesn't want to be curled,Make the bed ,shower and get ready for the day. In the meantime my husband made breakfast. Bacon ,eggs and whole wheat bagle. I can only manage half of a bagle and one egg then I'm done. I didn't feel like doing dishes so into the dishwasher they went.By Sunday evening it will be full enough to run. Then we had to wrap a birthday gift for our soon to be five year old great granddaughter . That was about a twenty minute trip to their house with the thunder strom and heavy rain coming shortly after we arrived there.About two hours later it had let up enough to get to our car so we decided it was time for us to move on to the grocery store and then home. Just arrived home when another storm hit our area. How to get soaked in a hurry if you can't run or walk fast. Even with the walker I don't get far very fast. We had a late supper and I used the nebulizer at ten o'clock and off to be I went. Good thing I kissed the man goodnight because I didn't even know when he came to bed. Now its time to start another day. Hopefully no rain today and I can at least sit on the deck and enjoy the sunshine.(If the sun ever decides to come throught the clouds) Lilly

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  1. Good Morning, We had a rainy day yesterday too. I hope we all have some sunshine today. Happy Birthday to your great granddaughter! I hope you get to sit on your deck today and maybe even see a few birds.