Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Hopefully today my new glasses will be in and I will be able to see how many typo's I make in one blog settting!! I only had to get the part that increased my ability to read. Not that I ever learn very much but what I choose to remember is very interesting and sometimes funy. This past weekend we started sorting and what a mess. My husband (Mr. Bob) put his back out or maybe it is his hip. Or Who knows it could be both.It has been rather chilly and quite cool for this time of year. We really need to have some sunshine. The coffee has finished brewing so I guess I shall indulge in a cup of that and a breadfast bar. Sometime today someone will read this and answer and give me something to answer. Have a GREAT DAY. Lilly

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  1. Georgia is having beautiful clear days and hot temps - in the 90's! I hope Mr. Bob gets to feeling better soon. I've been cleaning out closets and kitchen cabinets and taking donations to our local thrift store. What a job! Hope you both have a good day. That morning coffee sounds very good.