Friday, December 18, 2009

Today finished up the wrapping of gifts that I have bought. Some of our gifts were bought together as I have not been able to get out to shop very much. My husband is into gift cards so that is what a lot of our gifts are and that is what most of the girls wanted. Yesterday I made fudge and what an easy recipe it was. (Thinking about making some more) Gave some to the neighbor and she was back today and said it was gone. Tomorrow our one granddaughter arrives from S. Carolina to spend Xmas with her her Dad. She is fourteen. We will get the rest of gifts while she is here and are able to find out what she wants. So far all I have is a small gift card so need something more for her. It is very cold here so I am staying in out of the cold and wind. Tonight we are having an easy but tasty supper (spaghetii). I only have that at home when I can wear my bib as I always end up with it all over me. I have now used the electric wheel chair at the store twice and so far I have not hit anyone or knockned over any displays. Lucky Me. Well I am now on my way to read the paper so ,so long for now. lilly

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