Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Well here it is Wednesday again and I am up early,in fact it was really a sleeplesss night. It is 18 degrees here and we had a couple inches of snow last night. The snow is what puts me in the mood for Christmas. It is so pretty before it gets dirty. I only have to get some gift certificates amd then I am ready for the Christmas. My hands seem to be behaving badly this morning. Go to type one letter and the seem to want to do something different. I have finally decided on the dooke I will make. It is a no bake trufflle. It has mini chocolate chips in it and then you put it in the fridge to get firm and then you dip them is melted chocolate and back in the fridge to harden. Almost tastes like a cookie dough. All I know is the don't last very long. Well the man just got up so guess I will go talk with him for awhile. lilly

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  1. I imagine the snow is lovely first thing in the morning - kinda like a Christmas card photo! The truffles sound delicious; no wonder they don't last long. Hope you can rest a little during the day today.