Monday, November 2, 2009

When I got up this norning at 7:00 it was so foggy I couldn't see across the street. Then the sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. Of course now that the time has changed it is dark a 5:00 which makes for a long evening. Tonight at 8:00 the baseball game is on. If the Yankees win the series is over. If they lose it will go on for a couple of more games between the Yankees and Philidelphia. Right now my husband is making macroni and tuna salad. I guess that was a last minute insperaton as it is almost supper time now. The weather man is calling for snow flurries here on Wednesday and Thursday. Tomorrow being election day one of the girls has the day off so her and my husband are taking me for an early dinner someplace. Not sure if Kathy's husband is going or not. Guess maybe I should find something besides jeans to wear. I really do have other clothes.Well I guess I will go get the table ready for supper. May the next time I write we will have had SNOW!!!! lilly


  1. Hope you will have a great birthday! I am behind on everything this week, so your card will be a little late.

  2. Our day was much like yours; started foggy but then got sunny and beautiful. I cannot imagine snow so soon. Would you believe I have an iris ready to bloom??? I saw Jan's comment above - is it your birthday? If so, I'm sorry I did not know. Harriet and I would have sent you a card! Hope you enjoy the day.

  3. Snow...yuck.
    We are doingR&R here after a whirlwind of docters and dentists. Mu breathing is acting up and I am trying to take it slow.