Sunday, June 14, 2009

This has been a busy week. Spent one day in Rochester having all kinds of tests done and not sure what they are going to do about with what they have found but something good I hope. I don't like this Lazy Chair Syndrom. Have tried to help my husband do some packing but I'm about as helpful as nothing so the best thing for me to do is stay out of his way. Today one of the girls and her husband brought us dinner as they cannot come on Fathers Day so we celebrated with them today. They brought the new Kentucky Grilled Chicken and it was very good. They also brought all the trimmings with it so we had a good afternoon with them. Lots of good converstion and a few laughs also. This evening we will just have a sandwich of some kind as dinner wasn't that long ago. The doiley I'm making is almost finished so then I will have to start on the baby afagan for the new great grandchild. He is expected the end of September. Exciting times are on the way. Samantha has already picked out the pattern she would like . Maybe I will go yarn hunting this week. Well my fingers are not tracking right so instead of correcting all the time I will close for now and write again later in the week. Lilly


  1. Hi, its Mountain Mama..Your last comment did get thru to me on my blog.

  2. Hello, I hope you get some answers from your tests this week. Sounds like you had a nice visit and good food this afternoon. I hope you get the chance to go shopping for the thread. Let us know what you decide on. HOpe you rest well.

  3. P.S. I have made the butterscotch cake with chocolate chips before but I do like butterscotch best!

  4. When are you actually moving?
    Can you get some help Packing?

    By the way today was a very good day for me...first in a long time!