Saturday, July 25, 2009

Today is going to be a shopping day as we have to try and find draperies for the living room and the bedroom. Every room comes with mini blinds so curtains or draperies were the last thing list to buy. Fortunately we did not have to purchase to much of anything. Now all the clocks , shelves and other decorations are hung so we can concentrate on the draperies. We thought we had lost our sewing basket and both of us looked for it for many hours and finally found it stuck behind the ironing board. So far that is the only thing that has come up missing. Now the lost is found . My flowers are doing wonderful and have many comments on how pretty they are. We have used the new grill that my husband got for Fathers Day twice and how wonderful it is to have a grilled steak. Sometime today I would like to go to the Amish store as I need to stock up on some spices and I just love to browse through their store. We are only about 1/4 mile from that store now. Well it is time for the coffee pot to be put on to brew so I will hope to have some new blogs to read before I sign off. lilly


  1. Oh, I love the Amish stores... ours is a bit far though so I don't go often.
    Are you settling in well?
    How big is this apartment?

  2. I would love to vistit where you live and just wonder thru the Amish country side and their stores.

    Mountain Mama