Friday, October 30, 2009

On Tuesday evening I wrote quite a long message on my blog and something ate it. I can't find it and it was never published. Maybe it hs something to do with Halloween. Yesterday (Thursday) we decided to do our weekly errands, even though it ws misty and very warm and humid. We still had one more store to go to ,to finish my weekly shoppping but when I got in the car from going to the bank I told my husband please take me home. I was totally exhausted. Maybe today we can finish up if he is doing ok. November 7th my daughter in Bingham is getting married in a small church ceremony. I hust sent her a small check from us to help buy her wedding cake. We are not able to make the trip there so that is the best can do. Will be a sad day for me but guess I will get over it. It is raining here and quite chilly today so I guess I had better start looking for some warmer clothes for outside. Our flowers are all gone and the trees are mostly bare. It is really quite a difference from a couple of weeks ago. I am going to try to publish this post and if it disappears I might be very unhappy!!! HAPPU HALLOWEEN EVERYONE. LILLY


  1. We had a very warm day (75) yesterday. Today is very rainy and cool! Hard to know how to dress.
    I hope the Halloween tricks on your blog end soon and that you both will have a nice weekend.

  2. Hi Lilly,
    I wondered about that 'empty' post! Ah well, it happens. We are going to have a very warm windy day here today. It is the first day of hunting season and the husband is going to go out a bit later. I am tired today but breathing reasonably well. The winter is best for me since all the stuff in the air and ground is dead or Have a great day.

  3. Hi again, its Mountain Mama and thanks for asking about me. I went bqck to work for a couple months and was just to tired to do any blogging, but the job is over for the winter so I am back.

    Mountain Mama