Sunday, November 29, 2009

Today we are recovering from going into Aurburn for the annual Bank Supper. Mr. Bob had Scallops and I had Prime Rib. They passed around a Flat Green vegetable with almonds in which I let pass me by quite quickly. We also started supper with a lovely green salad, Italian bread,our dinner plates came with baked potato. Desert was served buffet style with many choices to choose from. They also gave each couple and envelope with money in it to buy either a soft drink or alcholic drink.We each had a seven up and I almost forgot they also had a table with appetizers. I guess no stone was left unturned. We certainly did enjoy ourself. In fact I had so much prime left we each had a half sandwich for our lunch today. We have had another beautiful day here with temperature reaching into the 50's. I am going to go fill my medicine tray for the coming week before supper so will write later in the week.

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  1. That dinner sounds delicious. What a bonus to have enough for a sandwich today too.

    We had Chinese take out last night and there was enough for lunch today. I sure did enjoy not cooking!

    Hope you have a restful night.