Monday, August 24, 2009


Well today is laundry day again. The clothes hamper is full amd the dresser drawers are getting low. Friday as I previously wrote my nephew and family were here to visit and I really enjoyed that as we have not had a one on one in a long time. Then on Saturday I made Apple Crisp and another daughter and her family came to visit and we had a shared supper together. We had had steak on the grill and Kathy made potato salad. We also had a great game of cards which was very relaxing. The men also got to watch a baseball game which my husbands team lost . The kids left early so we also retired early. Sunday I said I wonder what will happen today and nothing unusual happened so we both took an afternoon rest. I cooked a pork roast with potatoes and gravy . We also had steamed squash and carrots. Seems like we eat like queens and kings around here. Kathy(one of our daughters) also figured out how to put some of my crochet work up so people can see that. That shows how to keep your fingers busy and what several people get for Christmas presents. Have to go tend the coffee pot so will hear from everyone later. lilly


  1. Nice to hear your activities for the weekend and sounds like you had a lot of good meals. We enjoyed seeing your petunias and your crochet work. Hope you have another good week and hope the weather cools down for you.

  2. Hi Lilly.
    Your flowers are beautiful as well s you handiwork. Laying low here but enjoying drier weather.