Monday, July 20, 2009

Good Morning Everyone

The move to another town and a new to us apartment is finally complete. We had the heavy furniture moved by a moving company and the smaller items were moved by our children and us. I can't really say us a I done nothing but watch and say OH NO It goes here not there. Then once my oxygen machine was moved I had to remain at the new apartment. Then the whole weekend was busy with unpacking putting away and then moving it to a different spot once again. The girls and their husbands were here once again to help the old out with the climbing and high reaching. Then on Thursday to add to the excitment we got a call to go to the hospital ,my oldest daughter was in a diabetic coma and there were a few very tense hours spent there. But thanks to many prayers and a strong will on her part and a good hospital she is once again home. I will write more again later but fresh coffee is calling me so I will close for now and hope to hear form everyone soon. lilly

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  1. Oh I am glad you are finally moved. Take a deep breath and relax!