Thursday, April 16, 2009

This week is running by me faster than I can go. My walker only goes so fast and I'm not doing so well today. One of the girls and her husband was here for lunch today. It is a 75 mile drive from their home to ours so we really appreciate them coming to visit. On their way here they stopped at the Mennonite Store in Seneca Falls,N.Y. and brought us some things they know we really enjoy. Smoked pork chops from Pennsylvania and home grown asparagus. What a feast that will be. It is in the high 60's here today with a slight breeze so it is still a little chilly. My daughter is on her trip to Mississippi now and I can't wait for her to get home to hear the news of my granddaughter and her most recent visit to the doctors. Supposed to find out this trip if she is having a boy or girl. Never thought I would see the day when I would be a great granny. This will make ten great grandchildren. Maybe I should give up the walker and retire to my recliner. Still have dishes to do so I had better sign off and write more another time. Lilly

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  1. The smoked pork chops and fresh asparagus sound delicious. Do you steam the asparagus or make a casserole? I know you are anxious to hear about the newest great grandbaby! Will you crochet a blanket for it when you find out if it's a girl or boy? I know you enjoyed having visitors for lunch. Hope you rest well this evening.