Friday, April 17, 2009

We have had one beautiful day here and I have enjoyed every minute of this afternoon. Right after lunch (leftovers from yesterday) got my portable oxygen ready and my walker and off to the grocery store we went. That is always a treat for me as I sometimes pick out things my husband doesn't purchase. Today it was turkey thighs and very thin pieces of beef that I will fix for supper with peppers, and onions.Will have this with some brown rice cooked in beef broth. After the grocery store we went to Walgreens where I purchased some nail polish, and sunglasses. Also bought a bag of snacks for my husband as he is always buying me something if I don't go with him. Then it was homeward bound and a struggle to get up the 7 steps to our apartment but it was worth the struggle to get out in the sunshine. Lilly


  1. We enjoyed the sun today too. I am happy that you got out for a while and enjoyed shopping. Sometimes it is fun just to look. I haven't painted my nails in years. I always painted my mama's nails for her though. Tomorrow is supposed to be nice too. I hope you rest well and have another good day. Your supper sounds very tasty.

  2. I never use colored nail polish, as on my hands it looks tacky.My nails tend to break very eaaisly so I try to keep clear polish on them. It is cooler here this evening but will be enjoyable to sleep in the cool weather.Tomorow it is supposed to be nice again so will try to do a little cleaning on our deck. Then it is supposed to be cooler for the weekend. Lilly