Friday, November 6, 2009

Good Morning Everyone.

It is now 7:18 and I guesss I am ready to start the day but I don"t anticipate anything unusual happening. Laundry is done for the week and today I think we might make a trip to the grocery store as the freezer in my refrigerator is mighty slim. Do have a little hamburger but thats about all. The weather has turned cold with a misty rain and supposed to turn to snow flurries. I almost think it is time to start making some soup. Bean sounds good with a little spinach thrown in. Now to much,just enough to give it some color.I just finished one doiliey and am ready to start another. I also would like to read a little while I"m making this next one as my fingers got awfully stiff making the last one without taking a reading break. This Saturday our daughter in Binghamton is getting married. Wish we could go but not possible at this time. They are having a friend make a video so they will send us a CD of the wedding. I'm headed to the kitchen to make my breakfast. Nothing fancy cereal with bluberries in it and some sliced banana that I will put on it. Have a great day. lilly

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  1. With the weather you describe, soup would be mighty tasty! I know you will enjoy the wedding cd very much and maybe you will get a nice wedding photo to display also. I love to read on cold, cloudy days and that is a good way to rest your hands while crocheting. You have a nice weekend. For some laughs, look at my blog this afternoon!!!!!!!