Sunday, June 28, 2009

Today was another hot and humid day here until the sky finally opened up and it poured that heavenly rain that we have been blessed with all week. Didn't do much for the humudity but it has cooled off some. Our Grandaughter stopped in today to pick up some things to take to her Mom in Binghamton and to check on her baby blanket that I am crocheting. Someday I will get a camera so I can let everyone see what I do make. But then I will have to have one of the girls show me how to put the pictures on the message. I'm to old for all this new fangled stuff. They used to say say retirement was the golden age but I have yet to find the gold but I sure am enjoying being able to do some things when i want to. Packing and getting ready for the move is coming along nicely and hope to make the big one about the 12th of July. ,I am so thankful that my husband is able to do most of this move himself as I am just not able to help much. The pool at our complex opened today and I was about ready to go dangle my feet in the water when the rain came so will have to that another day. Another grandaughter and her boyfriend are supposed to come over this coming weekend. Hope they don't mind our mess. Thankfully the living room is pretty much intact. It is supposed to get cooler and the humudity is supposed to go away so maybe we will all have a better week. The deck flowers are blooming nicely and the tomatoes are growing and now I also have a pot of basil so my small garden tends to give me something to do. Hope everyone has a good week. lilly

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  1. Sounds like you have lots of rain too. Today husband woke saying, "Look at this, rain again."
    To which I responded , "Hummm this is just like my asthma. Just when you think it might let up it reappears." Thankfully there are periods of sunshine along the way!