Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This has been a very quiet Wednesday and also very windy.. The Temperature on the thermometer read 55 degrees but my husband was out and he said the wind mde it quite chilly. I did not venture out today as I have to go get my right eye done tomorrow. I guess this laser surgery is not something that will not hurt but will make me see better I hope. Just had word from my daughter in Binghamton that she is going to see my grandaughter in Mississippi on April 14th and will be there for one week. I know she is excited as this will be her first grandchild. OK friends I have to close and go watch Larry King.

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  1. Hello Lilly, I hope your eye surgery is successful and that it helps you to see better.
    Our little dog is 8 years old. She belonged to a breeder and after her third litter of puppies, he decided to retire her. He gave her to my mom two years before mom died and oh how they loved each other. Mother was blind and Harriet seemed to sense this and they did great together. Mom died last Sept. Harriet is very spoiled. She loves to eat canned green beans (no salt) and she comes running when she hears the can opener!!
    So, you will be having a great grand baby soon??