Sunday, August 30, 2009

I guess I have been a little on the lazy side as I haven't wrote much during the month of August. Today is rainy and quite cool here.Yesterday we had thunder storms and very heavy rain at times. There was one quite nice spell so we rode to Sears in Auburn to buy a new food chopper as mine quit with no warning. My recliner chair also bit the dust this week so we have been trying to do some home repair on that and finally got that usable again and then today a spring let loose while I was sitting in it nad we did manage to get that hooked back up. Who knows what will happen next. The shaking hands are really a problem today. I have been trying to crochet some on the baby blanket as it is impossible to hold a book still enough to read. I gave up on that when I read the same line twice. It almost sems like fall again today and that seems to be early for that type of weather. I'm sure we will have more hot and humid days before fall really sets in. Have to write more later but my supper is about ready so I will bend your ears later. lilly

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  1. Good Afternoon, It is raining heavy here today also and much cooler. I did make it to the grocery store without getting too wet. My hands tremble very bad also and have for about 20 years. Have you tried putting a couple of pillows in your lap and lay the book directly on them? Or, if you sit at a table or desk, you can rest the book on the table. Are you reading some of the books you got at the sale? Hope you have a good week and I am sure the cooler/less humid weather is good for your breathing.