Friday, May 29, 2009

Today we went to Seneca Falls ,had some questions to ask the manager of the new Apartment. Finished with that and on to Burger King for a fish sandwich. Fish was good but a little disapointing as they had mayo on it instead of tater ssauce. We ate in the car as I can't breath to well today and my husband put his back out. We sure are a lively couple!! I went into the grocery store there with my trusty walker and bought some meat and now we are on our way home. Went through the drive through at WALGREENS to pick up my meds and now the lively couple are home and ready to call it a day. Lilly

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  1. Hello, I hope the manager at the new apt. was able to answer your questions.
    Sorry you are having trouble breathing today and sorry about your husband's back also.
    I went to the grocery yesterday and have not had to leave home today.
    It was a very pretty day here with a nice breeze.
    Hope you both feel better tomorrow.