Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Today I tried to start packing my curio cabinet. What a job that turned out to be. I finished one shelf. Only small items but very fragil. Guess who broke a piece off one iem and tried to super glue it back and glued more of my fingers that the item so I finally gave up and now I have super glue all over my fingers. Oh well It will wear off soon. (I Hope) Got a call back from the plumonary dept. at Strong Memorial Hospital and have to go in Thursday for a bunch of tests. So That will mean a whole day in Rochester. That is about one and a half hours from here. Wouldn't be to bad but is is supposed to rain Thursday. Maybe I can accomplish more tomorrow. At least I did get supper tonight and that was about the only productive thing I've done. Talk to you again soon. Lilly


  1. I hope the rain will hold off until after Thursday for your trip. Let us know how everything goes.

  2. EHW! Super glue on the fingers isn't fun.
    We're having rain today.
    I am lacking instamina but doing a little bit at a time. The pollen count here is very hgh today!