Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I really don't believe this but the sun is really shinning. It is still very cold but at least the rain has stopped. Tomorrow my brother in law is coming for early dinner, We are having roast beef with mushroom and gravy with mashed potatoes and cauliflower for a vegetable. He is bringing elderberry pie for dessert. How does that sound for a couple of unneeded pounds. Just put our income tax in the mail so should have that back in a couple of weeks. (Hopefully) I have been having a lot of trouble with my key board and mouse so I have to keep going back and read what is printed as it sometimes likes to print double letters. Probably needs a good cleaning. Do have a can of compressed air so think maybe a I will try that. lilly

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  1. Your supper sounds like it will be delicious and I know you will enjoy the visit. I have never had elderberry pie - it sounds wonderful, especially with ice cream! Harriet sends her love. Hope you have a restful night.